Rush Hour Traffic


Above is a picture of husband in Rush Hour Traffic. He’s off to work in his lobster boat called “Bollocks!”. Yes, it’s a swear-word from the UK, but most people over here in the States don’t take offence at it. Some Brit friends we have do, however. Sorry. But at the time he bought that boat,just after a “No-Name” storm demolished his former lobster boat he had made with his own hands and had been fishing in for 25 years, the job of outfitting this boat was so great, and it was so hot that summer, by the time it came time to name the boat officially, “Bollocks!” was how he felt and Bollocks! is her name.

It’s funny when the harbormaster has to come on the radio sometimes and announces the name of his boat on the air.

Anyway, Paul’s rush hour traffic is not too tough to take. Don’t you agree?

It seems that all the lobstermen from this area are dwindling off and a lot of days he will come home and tell me that he was the “only one out there.” Even on nice days. If only the lobsters would get the hint and all crawl into his traps!


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2 Responses to Rush Hour Traffic

  1. Sandy from Iowa says:

    I posted but it wont show up…
    he does look like he is the only one out to sea : -)


  2. Sandy from Iowa says:

    haha…he does look like he is the only one out to sea.
    Good name for his boat : -)


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