This and That About Not Much

Over the few days I’ve had this journal, I’ve learned how to use JournalScape a bit more. Thanks to Sarah for the help! It’s not really complicated, and that was what I was aiming for.

I liked my old place at WordPress. It’s got more bells and whistles, but it seemed that every time I finally found the time to go there and make an entry, the set-up had all changed, and I was floundering around for a while before I could actually get an entry done and saved.

So here I am here at JournalScape which seems pretty easy-peasy for me.

I can either let them do all the HTML work for me by just typing in the entry box, or if I want to do anything fancier, like here where I’ve put in a few links, I can check off the “Use HTML” box and do the HTML myself.

Trouble is that it’s been so long since I’ve actually done HTML, I was very rusty at first and couldn’t even remember how to make a link. But with Sarah’s help, it is all coming back.

I don’t really get into long detailed, deep, thought-provoking entries here. I haven’t got yards and yards of free time, you see, so something short and sweet is what I’ve found works for me. Well, not sure how sweet it may be, but anyway, you get the drift.

I do need to brush up on my HTML tags,though. I think they may have changed some since I was using them back a few years ago. We’ll see. There are good sites out there, I know, that spell it all out, if I will just take the time.

So, that’s it for today, at least for now. I have work to finish today (I work at home) and food shopping to get done.



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6 Responses to This and That About Not Much

  1. Jim says:

    So here’s where you are hanging out these days…

    It looks good.


  2. Sandy from Iowa says:

    i dont know if i can remember html after you spent so much time teaching me.
    Have not done it since webtv


  3. Betty Lou says:

    I have missed your journal entries. How do I sign up for your entries on this site? I’m not very computer wise.


  4. About all I can remember is how to put in a link <a href= … etc. Awful-good to see you journaling again. I'll be back; I promise!
    Happy Trails and Hugs from Asia, ~ Sil


  5. Bonnie says:

    I have never done html so I appreciate editors. 🙂


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