Grumbling Along, Hi-Ho

What good would an online journal be if you couldn’t use it to grumble at the world. My big grumble this morning is baseball-related.

Living in the Boston suburbs, we are naturally Red Sox fanatics. I never used to be this fanatic about the sport, but Paul (husband) has been a died-in-the-wool Red Sox fan since probably before conception. If that’s possible. So I have gravitated toward it just from osmosis.

Now I can’t live without it.

But when we play a team like we played last night, (and I won’t mention names here) who are in last place in the league, and we are just 5 games behind the first place team in the league, struggling to get up there into first place again ourselves, and we end up LOSING the game 11-9 to that last place team, well that just ruins my whole week.

And it’s only Tuesday!

When we turned the TV off and climbed the stairs for bed last night, the Sox were in the lead 6-0. I knew there was plenty of time for losing, but Paul had confidence. I don’t know why.

I listened on the radio for the rest of the game and grumbled and swore under my covers until the end of that monstrous game, leaving us in the dust out there in the Midwest. Or rather in the rain, as it was raining there for the entire game.

So mumble-grumble, mumble-grumble. Hrmph.

My team lost. I don’t lose well. I am all sunshine and light when we win, but after losing, I am a thundercloud looming over everything.


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