To Bark or Not to Bark


My gift to you, readers. Up close and personal with my dearest dogger, Kip.

He’s bugging me at this moment to let him out the front door so he can terrorize the neighborhood. I put them out earlier, but in the back yard where they don’t do so much terrorizing of humans – just squirrels. They don’t really bark so much at the squirrels, but when they see a human, an automobile, truck, motorcycle, or even better, a human with a dog on a long rope walking down the street, they think it’s time to exercise their vocal cords and let them rip.

Not sure my neighbors appreciate the sound of their voices quite like I do (I don’t really, either), so I try to get them in as soon as the cacophony of barks begins.

It keeps me moving, up and down the stairs, I suppose. Good for the arthritis and normal stiffening-up I tend to experience after sitting in one position for too long. In fact, if I didn’t have Kip and Em, I’d probably be a total stiff by the end of the day.

So I’m off to let them out front this time, after checking that there are no cars or walkers going by first. We do have to respect quietude of the neighborhood, after all, and try to keep it as quiet as we can. Most times.



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4 Responses to To Bark or Not to Bark

  1. Gotta Love ‘Em! That’s what dogs *do*; they protect their people. I once had a collie-shepherd cross who wasn’t the brightest bulb in the candleabra, but he knew how to intimidate petty criminals and, thus, earned a long and happy life with our family.


  2. Sandy from Iowa says:

    Your fuzzies are such sweethearts…if they are anything like your other fuzzies than I know for sure they are sweethearts.


  3. Bex says:

    Awww, thanks Betty Lou. They “look” beautiful because they “ARE” beautiful, thru-and-thru. There is nothing like a collie-dog!


  4. Betty Lou says:

    No matter what – they look beautiful.


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