Roseberry Topping

Pau & Bex - top of Roseberry Topping N. Yorkshire

You see those two nuts up above? That is a picture of us taken with the automatic feature of my camera just after we had climbed Roseberry Topping in North Yorkshire, England. It was taken in 1993. I could never do it again now.

I seem to have aged about 30 years in the past 16 years.

Down at the end below is a farther-out view of Roseberry Topping. It’s just over 1,000 feet high so that qualifies it as a “mountain.”

You can drive all around North Yorkshire and when you are up high, you can see Roseberry Topping off in the distance. It’s the greatest place. There are bluebells all throughout the woods going down the side of it.

The local residents have gotten together over the past few years and have improved the pathways going up to the top. There was some graffiti on the stone at the top, too, which I didn’t really approve of, but that happens everywhere these days.

Roseberry Topping, Bluebells on the path back down

We made it up to the top, and that’s the first and last mountain I have ever climbed.

I miss that place so much. I don’t know if we will ever get back there, after retirement. But I can always hope…

Bex at the
Summit of Roseberry Topping

Bex on top of Roseberry Topping

and Paul…

Paul on top of Roseberry Topping

Here is more on Roseberry Topping if you care to visit.



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3 Responses to Roseberry Topping

  1. Bex says:

    Berwick, Sil? We’ve been there. Berwick-Upon-Tweed, officially, in Northumberland, north of Yorkshire and just south of the Scottish border. What a nice town, too. Near there is Holy Island which we have visited, as well. Super super place. I’ll do an entry on that soon for you. Never heard of Colby. Will have to investigate. We’ve been to Bolton Abbey and to Skipton on a rainy market day. The Skipton Castle is very intact still and is a wonderful place to visit. Everything-Yorkshire is wonderful, IMO.


  2. Love your pictures! Thanks for letting us see this beautiful corner of the world. My daughter has fallen in love with the area around Skipton and Bolton Abbey; she was there last April and is yearning to go back. My ancestors are from up around Berwick and also from Colby, a mining town which no longer exists, I’ve been told.


  3. Sandy from Iowa says:

    What a happy looking pair you are : -))
    I loved England so much…do to health I wont be able to return : -(
    Thanks for sharing your beloved England with me.


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