Runaway October

Where oh where has this month gone? Please tell me. Is it really 28 October?

Soon it will be Thanksgiving, and then the dreaded Holiday Season is upon us. I heard that the White House this year is not having the regular “Christmas Tree” but rather is having a “Holiday Tree.”

Fine with me. I’m trying to wish the holidays away completely, which I do every year and which doesn’t ever work quite the way I plan. I am a bah-humbug kind of person.

Sitting here doing my typing each day is getting more and more painful for me.

Enough! No more complaining.

That’s why I never write an entry any more because the only things I can think of to share with you are complaints about my body that is growing old at an exponentially faster rate than my numerical age.

Hey, I love seeing John Bailey’s (see Journal of a Writing Man on the sidebar) home renovations, don’t you? J & G you are two cool dudes. You should have your own show on the H&G Network over here. Call it “The Dudes Do Up.” I’d watch. I love decorating shows.

Well, the pain is seering up and down my left leg and I can’t stand it any more. Gotta go.

Thanks to the new friends who have signed up for notifies here. It does help to know someone cares out there.

If I don’t make it in here by the 31st, Happy Halloween to all you spooks out there who celebrate. And to all the rest (like us) who sit in a darkened house praying no one soaps our windows, well, it’s just another Saturday night at home.



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5 Responses to Runaway October

  1. Reenie says:

    I live alone fairly deep in the middle of the woods on a mountian in Tennessee. The only one to eat Halloween candy would be me, so I don’t buy it. Actually, I live with Roger, my beloved cat, and he doesn’t eat candy.

    My fingers still operate per original intent, it’s the rest of my corkscrew body that gives me fits. Slowly but surely I’ve pared away the activities in life that have given me pleasure: hiking, strolling, tennis, gardening, sweeping my front porch, entertaining as often as I would like with small dinner parties… gah, the list is endless. Most the time I simply have gratitude for the years when I could enjoy whatever I chose to do. On days my non-narcotic meds don’t quite work, I can get cranky. I don’t have RA – I have the type of arthritis that requires robotic-like replacement parts. 🙂 All of this is to say I understand.


  2. Some adults and teenagers have house parties on Halloween, here in Korea. Koreans love parties and will celebrate any foreign holiday as an excuse to have one! Probably the best party is at the Irish Embassy, but the American families do “trick-or-treat” among each other’s houses on and near military bases here. I bought a bag of Hershey’s Kisses this year, since “the tame cats” are a neighborhood attraction. The local folks are facinated by the notion that Migook Halmoni (American grandmother) has two “tame cats.” Feral cats are all they have ever seen.


  3. sandy from iowa says:

    we dont have many kids here…I work that nite at the farms…there will be over 2000 kids there


  4. Betty Lou says:

    I live on the 9th floor of a 10 story apartment building so there are no Trick or Treaters for us. I miss seeing all the kids in their costumes, but that’s what comes of becoming a Senior Citizen I guess. Happy Halloween to you – with or without kids ringing your doorbell.


  5. John Bailey says:

    I’m not sure how they treat Hallowe’en here, Bex. Last year it was a non-event, with not a single caller. So we’ll not sit in darkened rooms but I think we’ll have only a very small bowl of sweeties for any bratlets that come a’calling!

    “Holiday tree” indeed!


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