Cabinet Morphing


So, continuing the cabinet door caper, you will see above that Paul is at it again. This time, I hope, with the proper measurements and cuts. No, he did not have to fork over any of his hard-earned money for this wood either.

I had a 4-poster bed that I bought long before we got together, oh, probably about 30 years ago now. It was grand. A double size cherry four poster bed all for myself. It was a “free-at-last” gift to myself after I made the escape from my first marriage.

That became “our bed” when P. and I got married, and he’s been sleeping in it ever since. Recently, another bed frame has moved into the picture, and the old cherry 4-poster was scheduled for the scrap-heap.

Here’s the bed, in it’s former life. Note the headboard – which is now almost a china cabinet door.


The other night P. came in and said he’d had a brilliant idea. The headbord just may be large enough to squeeze a cabinet door out of, if he’s really lucky.

The points where he had to cut (it had scrolly cut-outs on the headboard) measured, to the millimeter, the exact length he needed for that dining room cabinet door.

29 inches.

So the first picture above is my former cherry bed-turned-cabinet-door, all primed once and ready for more sanding and more paint.

Who’d have thought?

Cheers for Frugality,


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2 Responses to Cabinet Morphing

  1. sandy from iowa says:

    oh i love the bed and now gone: -{Well I guess you have to have a door..: -}


  2. John Bailey says:

    Yup. Frugality is good!


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