Giving Thanks Early

I have a question for anyone who does a journal or blog, etc.

Do you assign a “title” to the individual entry BEFORE or AFTER you have written it?

Here at JournalScape, they put the box for the title (or rather the “subject”) up at the top. I never know what to call an entry until I’m all done typing it. I also don’t type my entries up in Word beforehand, but type right into the box here on the site. So I don’t have a title when I start out, and by the time I get to the bottom, there is no empty box down there saying “subject” for me to fill in, and of course, I never remember that I have yet to call this entry something or other, so every single time I finish an entry, and click “save entry” it always goes berzerk and asks me what I want to call it. I hate that.

Just a pet peeve I guess. PUT THE TITLE BOX AT THE BOTTOM!

OK. Enough venting.

This is starting to feel like a holiday week. Since I’ve been working at home, I don’t get that “short week” feeling any more. I seem to work every day no matter what holiday is happening. But this week I plan to take off for Thanksgiving and, since we are closed on the Friday following Thanksgiving, I may take THAT day off too.

I will have work here to do, of course, and it depends on my mood whether or not I will do some typing, but I have other projects going now so I might just take that day off from work.

I am giving thanks early for the days off from work. I need a break, if only for my aching fingers.

I am changing over my CD collection from being in those plastic cases all over the house to moving and organizing them.

I type each category and alphabetize all the titles first.

Then I print out the list (i.e. Folk & Country, Classical & Instrumental, Celtic Music, Movie Soundtracks, Miscellaneous Music, and Christmas/Holiday Music).

Then I go about putting the CDs in the cases all in alphabetical order according to the list (which my Word program does with the click of the mouse (the “sort” feature under “Tables”). Once all the CDs are stacked up in order, I open up my big CD binder that holds 320 disks and I take each CD out of the case, find the list of songs, put the list of songs in the sleeve, and then the CD over the list of songs, and throw away the plastic case.

I’ve done 4 categories so far: Miscellaneous Music, Christmas/Holiday Music, Movie Soundtracks, and Celtic Music. I have 2 categories to go still, and of course they are the largest categories. I haven’t quite filled up one of those binders yet, but I’m moving on to the 2nd one for the last two categories. I bought 4 binders (they are really like a carrying case that zip up and have a handle. I love them.) They will all fit on a bookcase or better yet, under the TV in the long console I got recently that has shelves and doors on it. This makes my entire collection of CDs very handy and readily grabbable in case of fire or something such thing.

I plan to do the same with my DVDs after I get finished with all my music CDs.

I’m not into the iPod or any of those downloadable things, so I stick with what I’m familiar with.

So I may do that on Friday and Saturday.

Happy Thanksgiving for anyone who celebrates it.

Cheers for the rest of you.

Bex & Co.


P.s. I almost clicked the “Save Entry” button BEFORE entering the subject line. You see?

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5 Responses to Giving Thanks Early

  1. Rhubarb says:

    I usually have a topic in mind, and a few things to say about it, before I start writing. I put in the title of what I think the entry will be, though, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it sometimes tends to morph into another topic by the end.

    I’ve even on occasion, gone back up to the top and changed the title, because obviously the entry had its own idea about substance, regardless of my original intent. They do that, y’know.


  2. I find that I have to go back after I finish the entry most of the time, and add “a little something” to the title. That’s because I often go off on tangents while I am writing. :giggle:
    Hope you have a grateful and scrumptous Thanksgiving! Hugs, ~ Sil


  3. nilky says:

    My titles are the dates… I don’t use a blog site, it’s all hand-made, for better or worse….


  4. sandy from iowa says:

    I dont have a blog so I am no help to you….love the fuzzies photo.
    Have a happy turkey day : -)


  5. John Bailey says:

    Almost always last, because I tend to echo the end at the beginning… Happy TG2U2!


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