So much bunk

Just once, I would like it if a celebrity who is cheating on his/her family would come out and apologize for his/her “transgressions” BEFORE anyone finds out about it.


The apologies afterward are no good. The hand-wringing and the promises to be good from now on are no good either.

The only reason they are apologizing is because THEY GOT CAUGHT! Not because they are sorry.

I’m just sick to death of these people thinking they can just take, take, and take more and, when the rest of us learn they have taken too much, they expect us to forgive them their transgressions.


It’s just so much bunk.


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2 Responses to So much bunk

  1. sandy from iowa says:

    AMEN…WELL SAID:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Reenie says:

    I’m disgusted, too, and agree with everything you’ve posted.


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