New Year Wishes

Happy New Year (soon),

I know we aren’t the LAST ones in the world to see the New Year in. There are still a few time zones to the west of us here on the East Coast of the U.S., so we will be before them. But it seems that most of the world has already rung in the New Year. It all seems very silly to wait until the clock strikes 12 and then go nuts, since it’s already New Year somewhere else in the world long before we get there. Of course, we haven’t done that in many, many years, more years than maybe some of you have been alive, even. If there are any youngsters among my readers, that is. Maybe not.

9 o’clock p.m. seems to be about as late as we can muster staying awake these days, even if it IS New Year’s Eve.

So kiss-kiss, and hug-hug to you all, and Happy New Year to You.


Bex & Paul & Kip & Em

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4 Responses to New Year Wishes

  1. Have a Wonderful New Year, full of joy and contentment. Lots of Love from Asia, ~ Sil


  2. John Bailey says:

    Happy New Year to us all.


  3. Betty Lou Parlee says:

    Happy New Year to all of you.


  4. Wendy, NC says:

    Happy new year to you and yours as well.


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