Yes, a Blizzard. The wind is howling and I’m seriously afraid this little house will be picked up and deposited in some place called Oz, if we’re not careful.

Is this any way to start the New Year?



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8 Responses to B-L-I-Z-Z-A-R-D

  1. Sandra says:

    Oh my! Living in Florida USA it is hard to comprehend all the snow. Hope you are warm and safe.


  2. Bex says:

    The dogs LOVE it! Kip can’t wait to get out the front door and go galloping across the long front lawn which is now covered in about a foot (or 2) of snow. They love it. They like to eat the snow too. It’s like a big bowl of ice cream to them!


  3. sandy from iowa says:

    wow…it moved your way.
    We had 14 inches…than a week later another 6…it is up to the top of our chainlink fence now from drifting.
    I feel so bad for your fuzzies to have to go out into it for p/p’s
    Stay safe…


  4. Carol says:

    Ihope it doesn’t show up here. Stay warm and safe.


  5. John Bailey says:

    Hot toddy time, Bex!


  6. Rhubarb says:

    Wow. Those pictures say it all. What a terrific storm, and I don’t mean it in the nice meaning of the word. Hope you and yours are safely tucked away. What do the dogs think of the wet white stuff? Best wishes to your mother-in-law for a speedy recovery.


  7. Wendy, NC says:

    It’s summer in Oz right now, so that might not be such a bad thing. 🙂

    Lovely photographs, by the way. I’m sending my best wishes for uninterrupted utility services.


  8. Betty Lou Parlee says:

    Holy Cow!


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