Blizzard Slideshow

About 24 hours after the last entry, I took these pictures (well, the first bunch – all but the last two that I took yesterday). Click to play:

<Note: Where there should be pictures or slideshows, there is nothing now… WebShots abandoned us and that was where I had my photos. Sorry about this.)

The snow should really be a lot deeper but the wind was so wild all night, it blew it into drifts around the perimeter of the property. Paul says that the front porch was bare while the back basement door had about a foot of snow up against it this morning. Drifting.

I’ve decided that since I stay home almost all the time these days, I’m going to enjoy the snow. Usually I don’t because I’ve always had to go out in it, clean off my car which is usually solid ice, slug thru dirty snowbanks along the road, etc. But since I’ve had physical limitations, I’m home a lot and can actually enjoy the snow for the first time in many, many years. Really, since I was a child.

I guess childhood does return again, if we grow old enough.



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4 Responses to Blizzard Slideshow

  1. Sandra says:

    I’ve grown old enough.

    The slide show is beautiful and thank you for sharing.


  2. Beautiful photos, Bex!!! It looks a lot like that here in the Seoul suburb where I live. We got a pile of snow Sun. & Mon., about a foot. Folks hardly know how to deal with it. They say it’s the most since records started being kept, which would be about a thousand years, here, LOL.
    Hugs and Happy New Year to you and Paul and the furkids, ~ Sil


  3. Karen DiCicco says:

    Collies are always beautiful but something about seeing them romp in a huge snowfall, makes them an even a better treat for the eyes.


  4. sandy from iowa says:

    what a nice way to show them all..thanks for the work to do it


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