Anyone need a used WebTv Keyboard?

In my previous life, before computers, I was addicted to WebTV. I did all kinds of cool things with it. I made web pages. I even made the Marmite Traveling Club (now defunct) with my little WebTV. It’s a device that is hooked up to your TV that gives you internet access. Computer people poo-poo’d it, but I loved it. It was my first experience “on-line” and back then, sometime around the late 1990’s/early 2000’s, I really enjoyed it. I met a lot of nice people there in the Newsgroups, too.

I also went thru the wireless keyboards like they were candy for some strange reason. They would just wear out or the letters would wear off the keys, and I’d have to buy another one.

The other day I was cleaning out some cabinets and found all my old keyboards. Some work and some (most) don’t. But I don’t know which is which. You can have them reburbished but I don’t know where or how.

I thought I’d try to put out the word to anyone who has WebTV (or MSNTV) to see if anyone would like any of these keyboards. There is a webtv unit, also, that was my mother’s until she died and then it came to me. I am not selling these, but if anyone wants one or more, you would have to just pay the shipping charges as I don’t have a lot of spare money these days. So let me know. I’m going to post this on a newsgroup that I just joined where I think there are still some webtv users to see if anyone wants them.

Oh, I also have what I believe is a brand new keyboard still in the box, but just one of those. I think the main unit might still work but I really have no idea seeing as how so many years have passed and it’s probably been upgraded by now.


If you click either of the pictures above, you can find several more photos of them at my Webshots album.



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3 Responses to Decluttering

  1. sue says:

    Have you a Freecycle group near you? ( link )
    I just got rid of a bunch of old books and encyclopedia via Freecycle.


  2. Bex says:

    I don’t know how we accumulate this stuff, but when I see the images of Haiti lately, I feel very guilty of all the useless things I have here and don’t use, while the Haitians have next to nothing. This life is not fair. It could be me, or you, or any of us, down there in that heat and devasation, if not in this lifetime, then the next.


  3. Rhubarb says:

    Well, I *certainly* don’t need any more keyboards. During my Christmas resolution, I cleaned out my computer room. Not only keyboards but printers are sitting now in the hallway, waiting for … I don’t know. Salvation Army? Burglars desperate for outdated hardware? Probably I will donate them to a school nearby.

    What I’d like to know…how do we manage to accumulate this stuff? Does it go from lost safety pins to clothes hangers, and from lost clothes hangers to keyboards, and from keyboards morph into (nonworking) printers? What if it all falls apart and becomes safety pins again….


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