Poor old rich lady…

It’s gone past the first of February now, and I apologize for being so silent these last few weeks/months/years. I am always amazed that some journalers can write every day and sound interesting and brilliant (you know who you are!) and never run out of words, or almost never. I have the opposite problem…I never can find the words to even begin. Who on earth would want to know about my boring life here?

My one big accomplishment lately has been that I am signed up with our Social Security system and will be getting benefits starting later this year. So that must mean I am old.

I feel old.

I look old.

Yep. I’m getting old.

I’m also downsizing my workload to possibly doing part time – if my employer will have me part-time. If not I’ll be retired and poor.

I already am poor, but I’ll be just poorer. Money-wise, that is.

Love-wise, I have puppy loves and husband loves here, so I am rich in that regard.

I’m a rich, almost retired, old looking, old-feeling, overworked but soon to be almost retired, poor soul.


I’ll drink to that.



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6 Responses to Poor old rich lady…

  1. sandy from Iowa says:

    Just enjoy life….you are rich in friends and a great mate.
    You will be ok : -))


  2. sue says:

    My paying job (which was usually part time) got Katrina’ed. So far I’ve filled the time with a part time volunteer job, which I really enjoy.

    (The word for “retired housewife” is widow.)


  3. Rhubarb says:

    It’s a weird feeling, isn’t it, to fill out the form and realize your whole life is summarized for them in just a few questions. For me it felt like a real turning point in my life, a rite of passage. Then the economy fell through and I reconciled myself to working full time forever, growing old at my desk. But still the Social Security marks a life change.

    I feel no guilt about collecting it. The government has collected for it from me for decades…it will be quite a while before I get back what I’ve contributed, so I figure I’m just getting back my own (plus interest).

    The old part? Don’t feel that way, so I’m not. Simple as that. Gray hair be damned.


  4. John Bailey says:

    I say take the benefits and forget about getting old. It’s all in the mind, anyway! đŸ™‚


  5. nilky says:

    You will find that it’s wonderful after you get used to it, and you’ll wonder how you ever had the time to go to work!


  6. Carol says:

    I say go for it. Congrats.


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