Did you ever gather up all those old, old, really old photos, that your parents had saved in a box all your life, and just stick them all together onto a giant collage?

I did.

Years and years ago, for my late mother. I don’t know if she appreciated it really. But I’ve got it back now that she’s gone, and I enjoy pulling it out every so often to look at, remembering old times, good and bad, funny and not so funny, of our life growing up in a small New England town.

If you see yourself in this picture, drop me a line to let me know how you are doing.

If not, well, I didn’t know you back then, now, did I?

I heard from a relative today with whom I haven’t spoken in years. That got me thinking about these old snippets of photos and, thus, this entry.

Taking a trip down memory lane sometimes is fine. At least this kind of trip doesn’t hurt my back, my hip, my knees, or any other part of my body. And it gives me a slightly warm feeling inside the chest area, just to the left of midline… you know where.

So hello out there, to any of you who may be in this picture… you know who you are.

Love and cheers,



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1 Response to Collage

  1. sandy from Iowa says:

    Well I am not in those but I sure did enjoy going thru my photos from England the other day and got that warm feeling you had in your chest area : -}}}
    Good post today


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