I’d almost forgotten about this being the Month of Love, thus the red/white decor.

We are a bare-bones operation here at Crow Cottage. Not much mushy-smushy stuff, least-wise human anyway. Canine smushes happen very regularly, and not just in the Month of Love. Amongst the “crumblies” (which my friend in Yorkshires calls the old folks) the demonstrations of romantic love are few and f-a-r between. I guess we don’t really need demonstrations of it. It’s there… underneath the crumbliness.

With the soon-to-be advent of my being semi-retired (can you call working part-time “semi-retired”?), I’ve been thinking of things I might like to spend my time doing, when I’m not working, that is. Up until now, any free time I’ve had is spent resting up from working. I can’t seem to string any long periods of free time together enough to actually do anything fun.

And being more of a sedentary person these days, what with one physicial problem and another, I’ve just remembered one thing that I’ve always enjoyed doing, when the chance came along, and that is “link-hopping” the web.

I make a point of taking a chunk of time out just to do this. Like an hour. I go to a journal/blog that I like to read regularly, and I look down the list of their favorites, usually on the side-bar. I’ll click on a few and read until I stumble upon one of a kindred spirit. Then I’ll find their side-bar of friends and click on one of those… and likewise keep doing the same until my free time has run out. Sometimes I will find myself signing up for notifications from new journals this way. There are so many good ones out there, there will never be enough time to read them all. But I love jumping from link to link like this to see what journals my web-friends like to read.

I feel we are all in a global network, held together by this almost invisble sparkling tether of gossamer string. It’s so easy these days to reach out and touch someone.

So, having completed my typing for today, and since I have about 2 hours before my dinner-making duties kick in, I think I’ll go dancing amongst the links and see whom I can meet today. Here I come……



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5 Responses to Link-Hopping

  1. sue says:

    I found you in Autumn Leaves.


  2. Gosh, I’d forgotten about mushy-smushy stuff. [giggle] I’m a link-hopper, too,– sorta the web version of grasshopper, isn’t it? 😉


  3. Doug says:

    As a “crumbly”, I have to admit constantly partaking in mushy-smushy stuff with close-at-hand available females of my species. I generally don’t put up with the ones who won’t put up with me….
    Link-hopping is fun, but I’d go with the mushy-smushy stuff any time!


  4. sandy from iowa says:

    I have found good ones that way.
    I dont do a journal but sure love reading them:-}


  5. CeeCee Boo says:

    My email is If you’d like to drop a line..


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