Down for a Day

Just heard from JournalScape that this site, and all their others, will be down for maintenance all day on Monday, March 15th.

So if anyone tries coming here, that’s the scoop.

Now if only I can remember not to freak out when or if I try to write an entry on that day and can’t.

Maintenance is a Good Thing.



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4 Responses to Down for a Day

  1. Rhubarb says:

    Thanks, Bex, for reminding me. I would have freaked out, for sure. I may write an entry in Word and then copy/paste when JournalScape is accessible again. I think Kenny sent us all an email, but of course I read it and deleted it and promptly forgot. I’m old enough that I can pretend it was early onset senility…except that I used to do similar things when younger. I have a tremendous ability to focus; unfortunately, that means that other stuff gets a quick glance at most. Thanks again!


  2. sue says:

    Wonder why they haven’t told me . . . Well, as long as my entries eventually get posted why complain–look at how much I’m paying for the priviletge.


  3. I’ll try to stay cool! 😉 See you later on, or at one of the other journal’s comments!
    Hugs, ~ Sil


  4. sandy from Iowa says:

    Thanks for telling us…I would have been wondering.


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