A shout-out to my friend(s)

I just wanted to say, “Hi Mary!”

I always assume that my real-life-in-person friends don’t care much about reading journals, or my journal, online, so I never really think they will be visiting here, but my friend Mary was here today, just passing thru, and so I figured I’d better say hi to her!


So, March is on its way out. Still got a week and a half to go, but April is right behind it, and oh how I love April.

We’ve gone through a rather dismal and long winter here in the Northeast corner of the U.S., and we’ve just suffered thru some horrible rain storms, landing us with close to 10 inches of rain in 3 days. Lots of local flooding, and property damages. Even now areas are still flooded, and it’s been sunny and warmer now for about 2 or 3 days.

The old wooden storm doors have swollen so badly that we can’t shut them properly. We have new storm doors sitting in the basement, metal ones, that will not swell up in the wet or humid weather, but when Paul tried reading the directions, he determined that they were beyond his expertise and said he would have to call the store and have someone come out to install them. There are two of them. So we still have the old wooden ones that won’t close.

I had some water damage to the ceiling in my den here. Whenever the rain comes in at a certain angle, like it did during this whole last storm which lasted for 3 long days, some water gets into the roof vent and drips down onto my ceiling. Luckily, it is not directly over my desk but just to the left of it, and would only actually drip onto the carpet, if it were to drip. It just stained the ceiling so that Paul needs to get the white paint out and give it a white-wash.

The dogs were traipsing in muddy feet for the entire storm, and I just gave up after a while and let the muddy pawprints just sit. I’ll do some clean-up of the floors this weekend probably.


So that’s it from here. Just waiting til spring comes really. I hate summer and the heat, so I am only happy for about a month in April, and for another few months in Fall. May seems to bring hot weather lately, and that’s when I get cranky and have to install the air-conditioners. Ugh. More money wasted.

Life is never dull, though.

Kip says “Hi.”

Em is sleeping and doesn’t know you are here looking in. But I’ll give them both your loves….



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3 Responses to A shout-out to my friend(s)

  1. Stephanie says:

    I just found out that you moved your blog!


  2. sandy from Iowa says:

    I read everytime you post a page 🙂
    WOW…DAMP MONTH FOR YOU …Same in Iowa but not as bad as yours was.


  3. Wendy, NC says:

    There are four seasons: cold, mud, stinking, and lovely. I hear you on the muddy feet.


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