Is this “Turkey Day”?

 Turkeys 4/21/2010

I mean, it’s only April, right? Nowhere NEAR Thanksgiving Day. We’ve got turkeys coming to US. Nevermind searching the aisles of the food store for a good looking Tom, they have simply walked up the hill and are across the street in our neighbor’s garden, moseying around, d’do, d’do d’do.

Lucky for them we aren’t hunters.

REAL lucky.

I don’t really even like turkey that much. More lucky for them.

 Turkeys & Garden 4/21/2010

~ ~ ~ ~

In other news, I was fine one minute, sent a couple of e-mails out this morning. Then all of a sudden, I tried sending an e-mail and got a pop-up box saying they needed my pw.


I did that, and the box kept coming back. After about 10 minutes of trying to send e-mail, unsuccessfully, it was pulling-hair-out-of-the-head time.

And I’m at that age now where my hair is already getting thinner by the month, so I didn’t need to lose any more of it.

About an hour later, with no luck whatsoever, I resorted to calling the provider by phone.

I KNEW that would be a mistake. I was on hold or else listening to recordings for at least 30 minutes.

More hair out.

Finally, I gave up and went downstairs. I don’t need this!

Oh, I did actually get some kind of recorded automaton on the phone saying that if I lived in the Worthington, Massachusetts area (I have never heard of Worthington!), then the Company was having some troubles there with internet and email.

OK. I’m outta here.

I had my lunch, took the dogs outside to play, came back in and read the paper, read my new REALM magazine, and figured that was enough time for the Company to have fixed this problem with my email.


Oh heck, I’ll just do a short little blog entry and be done with this for today.

If you click on the picture above, more can be found in my Spring 2010 album over at Webshots there. I took a few pics of the front corner garden, sparse as it is this time of year, at least we have a little color.

So that’s it. I’m outta here. Don’t ask for a free turkey, either, because I kinda like these guys strolling around the neighborhood. I hear them every morning, real early, gobbling down the street. It’s a regular raffle of turkeys waking the neighborhood up every morning, like roosters. Silly birds.




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5 Responses to Is this “Turkey Day”?

  1. sue says:

    I am so glad I have a computer-geeky daughter, who does not act like I am stupid for not knowing everything about computers. Hey–I programmed the IBM 610–in machine language. (in ’58 – ’59)


  2. Rhubarb says:

    When I get that message, I just close it and keep going. It pops open again, I close it and keep on truckin’–dunno why, but every so often some piece of s**t software just has a meltdown.

    Those turkeys have a lot of nerve, just flaunting it as if there were no Thanksgiving in their futures….


  3. Look at that beautiful face! Thank God you don’t live in my sister’s neighborhood! Her husband the hunter would have gotten those turkeys by now!


  4. sandy from Iowa says:

    great photos of the toms


  5. I certainly hope that they get your e-mail unravelled soonest. That has got to be frustrating as all-get-out!! Love the turkey pics. Those toms are trying to impress the ladies with their tail-fans, aren’t they!?! 😉
    Hugs from Asia, ~ Sil


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