Background Noise

Background noise:

* Early morning, it’s the wild turkeys off in the distance. GOBBLE-GOBBLE. They are my roosters, signaling it’s time to rise and shine.

* Birds. The real kind of TWITTERING AND TWEETING, in the trees, on the grassy lawn, in amongst the flowers, and in the birdbath that I just filled with water for them (splish-splash).

* The ELECTRIC WATER KETTLE ~ heating up my water for coffee in the morning. It’s silent for a good 2 minutes and then the noise kicks in, letting me know that in a matter of only another couple of minutes, I will have boiled water for my first cuppa of the day. Very welcome.

* The deep dark RUMBLE of the black SUV with black-tinted windows belonging to the paper-person delivering the Sunday papers to various of my neighbors. Accompanying this sound, of course, come the …

* BARK~BARK~BARKIES of my two dogs, who think that big dark trucks that slowly and mysteriously rumble up the street are a direct threat to their hearth and home, so they MUST voice their warnings, out the open windows, to let the intruder know that our security personnel are ever vigilant on the job, no matter what time of the morning it is!

* With hot, steaming cuppa in hand, CLICK goes the telly to fill me in on the news that has happened overnight. Not much, except that the Boil-Your-Water advisory that was issued yesterday evening to about 30 towns in our area is still in effect. A water pipe, interestingly only installed about 2~3 years ago, broke yesterday and was spewing thousands of gallons of drinking water into the Charles River (Boston), thus the towns who derive their drinking water from that source have been at risk of developing nastiness in the gastrointestinal area if they drink the un-boiled water from the tap. For some strange reason, our town, Salem, gets its water from a totally different source, so we were left out of the advisory. Lucky us.

* Up to work ~ to finish what I hadn’t completed yesterday, and firing up the computer after a night of rest isn’t really “noisy” but it does have it’s own soft, comforting little WHOOSHING COMPUTER SOUNDS, after all. The CLICKETY-CLACK of my fingers flying over the keyboard is one, and of course, unheard by the entire rest of the world but not to me, is the sound of the DOCTOR’S BOOMING VOICE penetrating my ears with medical words, going from my ears, through what I call my brain, and out my fingers, which are clickety-clacking on the keyboard, putting those words on the monitor in front of me.

* And way in the background, the CLOTHES DRYER which has been HUMMING along since I got out of bed, because I have a gold~star husband who gets up at 4:30 on Sundays and puts in two loads of laundry, one he washes and puts in the dryer, and the second he just washes because he leaves that 2nd load for me to finish up as he is off to work. I heard the dryer noise (which I hadn’t even noticed until this point) stop, and I know the first load is dry, and it’s time for me to put the “whites” in the dryer, and go up and fold and put away the darks. Which I do, eventually.

* Now the day is going. And the neighbor is up, too. I’m sure he slept in later than any of us did. And this is when the real background NOISE begins in earnest. POWER TOOLS are his toys! Need I say more? The funny thing is that when he first came to this neighborhood (he married the woman who owns the house next door ~ very convenient for him!), he was constantly commenting on how QUIET it was in this beautiful little neighborhood. Yes, we would always agree with him, it IS, isn’t it? Well, not any more! Power tools/toys have ended all that. And here we are on a nice warm sunny Sunday morning, and he is rototilling his vegetable garden which happens to be just a few feet from the living room AND my office windows. He runs them ad nauseum, too. It can go on all morning and/or afternoon. Kind of like a guy revving up his motorcycle, Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! On and on, until my head is ready to explode from the noise. So much for a nice quiet Sunday!


~ ~ ~ ~

And that brings us to now. It’s lunch time, I haven’t seen hubby since last night, and I probably won’t until suppertime. The noises keep me company.

Some company is more welcome than others, though.

Cheers (huh?),


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2 Responses to Background Noise

  1. Rhubarb says:

    It’s amazing (and stressing) to realize how much ambient noise there is in your life and then how irritating the extra unnecessary noise which can add mega frustration to your life (can you say roto-tiller?) I never realized how quiet things could be until I lived in India. Except for the birds, the a.m. was quiet, the only time people chattered and visited was in the afternoon after coming back from the fields. Motors? Rototillers? Washers/dryers? not hardly. No electricity, no gas.

    I loved this entry. Sound/noise/silence is a favorite topic of mine. This one’s a keeper.


  2. sandy from Iowa says:

    WOW…that was some run down of your day.


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