Tennis Anyone?

Am I having a good week, you ask?

A week off from work which was unexpected as our work has slowed to a trickle, probably due to the holiday, etc. That’s OK. The French Open (tennis) is on TV and I am in heaven when I can watch any tennis tournament. I still refuse to fork over the extra cash each month for the Tennis Channel, but ESPN is serving me just fine. The last two days have really been especially happy for me vis-a-vis tennis, though.

1) Robin Soderling beat Roger Federer in the men’s quarterfinals, and……….

2) Sam Stosur beat Serena Williams in the women’s quarterfinals!

I was sorry to see Justine Henin ousted but am very, very happy about the two matches mentioned above. Oh yeah….. A fresh-faced final this year! That is very cool.

There are some others I could root for, but for now my money is on Nadal for the men and just to mix it up a bit, I am going to root for a lesser-known player called Francesca Schiavone, from Italy. I watched her beat Caroline Wozniaki yesterday and she was amazing. What a fighter.

I tend to root for underdogs, and even though I would never consider Rafa Nadal an underdog, I hear people are predicting Soderling will beat him in the Final. If Rafa wins this tournament, he will be #1, but then if you follow tennis and care about this subject like I do, you probably already knew that.

Go Francesca and Rafa!



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