Falling water / No water

So, around 2 a.m. today the thunder started. Of course, whatever light sleep I happened to be in was over then, and the thunder definitely got my attention. And the vivid lightning that preceded the thunder cracks.

By the way, I am a huge baby when it comes to thunder and lightning. I curl up into the fetal position somewhere, close all the curtains, or I sit in the stairwell, away from the windows, teeth clenched, my flashlight in hand, praying it will just be OVER soon!

Last night was one of the most horrible thunder and lightning storms I’ve gone through. I realize others have done this more regularly than we have here in the northeast, and my friend, Sandy in Iowa, goes through this very regularly out there in middle America. You have my sincerest sympathy for that, Sandy.

So we endured hours of this loud, crashing, thundering, light-show in the wee hours of this morning which gave me no more sleep at all.

Finally, at around 7:30, I thought the storms were over, as they usually are come morning, but I heard rumbling going on around us, so I decided I’d better get up and see what the world had to offer this Saturday morning. I needed to take a shower and wash my (very dirty/greasy) hair today and go over to the office and drop off/pick up work before the French Open Tennis started at 9 o’clock.

So I went into the loo and saw a big bottle of water sitting on the sink edge.

What’s THAT for?

It never occured to me that we might not have running water – especially in almost-summertime! We usually go thru a spell in deep winters when water lines will freeze and break, but not in hot humid weather!

Paul was nowhere to be found. No note was left, only another big water bottle downstairs next to the sink.

I tried the faucet finally, and nothing! No running water.

Oh great.

We’ve had problems with our outside faucet lately and I just called the plumber yesterday to come and fix it/replace it, but he never called back. Maybe he got my message and came anyway, and they were all in the basement with the water main shut off, fixing the faucet?

I went down to check, and no – no one was there.

So I huffed and puffed around the house for a bit. Put on the water kettle to boil and made my cuppa, and then Paul came back home to say that there was a water line break down the road from here, and he saw the City’s trucks there starting to dig up the road.

Whew! It was the City’s problem and not ours. That’s a better deal. They usually fix things in a fairly timely manner, since it happens so often! If it were only our house that had no water, it might be days upon days before we had running water again!

Then I asked P. if he would mind driving over to my office to get my new work, since going out in public with dirty-greasy hair was just not very palatable to me at this moment, and he happily agreed and off he went.

God bless that man!

Now it’s 9:01 and the French Open started on TV at 9:00 so I must wrap this up.

We got a call from the City (recorded message) saying there was a water line break on Loring Avenue and they had no “estimated time of repair” yet.

It should be an interesting weekend.

Plus, thunder & lightning storms are predicted today, tonight, and tomorrow! Joy.



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4 Responses to Falling water / No water

  1. JJ says:

    I am your exact opposite where storms are concerned. I just love to listen to the rain pounding the rood and the thunder booming. Sorry about your water situation – that really stinks! I’ve gotten that same phone message from the water company when they were working on the pipes in our neighborhood so I understand your frustration!


  2. WendyNC says:

    I went to sleep during the height of Hurricane Fran, but I have great sympathy for those who are truly troubled by storms. We all have something.


  3. Stephanie says:

    The national Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for our area until 8 PM this evening. Screwy weather!


  4. sandy from Iowa says:

    WOW…NO WATER..that is hard to be without it.
    When we get storms they come with tornados too
    Our big worry is flooding basement when it rains day after day like it does sometimes.
    So sorry you are having wicked weather.
    BTW…I hate storms too and can not sleep when they are going on.
    I just get up and worry till over..my husband sleeps thru it all


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