Victory, Italian-style!

Oh my!

Francesca Schiavone won the French Open!

Francesca Schiavone

The minute they started playing, when Francesca would get the point, I’d cheer. When Sam got a point (or rather 15 points), I’d slump. So, even though I said I was totally split on whom I liked better, it was immediately apparent that it was Francesca. The match was fabulous. Not so much for Sam, but Francesca’s exuberance trumped everything. She is the first Italian woman to win a grand slam! Ever!

Now to work for me. See if I can come down from the high of this tennis today. Oh yeah, we STILL have no running water. That will bring me down quickly.



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1 Response to Victory, Italian-style!

  1. Rhubarb says:

    Happiness Kit �

    An Eraser
    So you can rubout old mistakes

    A Gold Coin
    So you never say, �I�m broke�

    A Rubber Band
    To stretch beyond your wildest limits

    A Piece of String
    To tie things together when they fall apart

    A Marble
    In case you�ve lost yours

    A Heart
    To remind you love is all around you.

    (and victory, Italian-style, for happiness)


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