Is it Providence?

So, I forgot to order our weekly fruit from PeaPod this week. (My food store delivers and it’s called PeaPod and they deliver my groceries each week so I don’t have to be in so much pain, God-love-em).

We need fruit each week, especially Paul, and he also needs at least one banana per day for his breakfast, and I also forgot bananas when ordering!

So, he had to go to a couple of supermarkets after supper to check on how much they were selling their live lobsters for (to make sure he is selling his comparable to them), and while he was up there he said he’d get the various fruits that I forgot to order.

Nice husband.

He came home with a few bags, and when I asked how he made out, he told me this story:

He had a $10 bill. He went to the first store and he got nectarines and plums, and the bill came to $5.07. He gave them the 10-er, and he went to the 2nd store. There he got bananas and apples and when he went to pay, the bill came to $4.93.

Honest to God.

The two bills exactly totalled his $10 bill that he took with him.

Cheers and happy weekend!


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5 Responses to Providence?

  1. Bex says:

    LOL indeedy, Jim. I thought of YOU when I named that entry, too. Sorry to have disappointed, although I’m sure you are the better travel guide when it comes to the state of Rhode Island! I’ve only really been thru the state a few times on my way south to D.C. and also when the America’s Cup races were being held in Newport. My (ex) Husband and I worked for Ted Hood in Marblehead at his sail loft at that time and we joined his friends down there on a yacht to watch the races. What fun, and what fun Newport is.


  2. Jim says:

    When I read the title of your entry I thought that your topic was going to be about a trip to Rhode Island. LOL.


  3. Fellow MT says:

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  4. Bex says:

    YOu are SO right. The Universe is scary sometimes. And he didn’t weigh and select carefully either, so it’s even “edgier” to have come out right on the penny.


  5. Rhubarb says:

    And if he’d weighed and selected carefully, trying to calculate to the penny, he probably couldn’t have done it exactly. I tell you, the Universe has an edgy sense of humor.


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