Necessity is the Mother….

Do you remember back last year when I wrote about the dining room cabinet door that Paul had tried to make out of an old piece of wood he had, but that he cut it too short after spending two days on it? If not, here it was:

Home Improvement 101

and here:

Home Improvement 101, Part II

Well, then he found a way to remedy the matter, by cutting up our 4-poster bed and using the headboard of that bed for the cabinet door.

Remember that?

Well, today Paul was down in the basement making noises like he was working on something. Finally, he came upstairs and popped his head into the living room where I was sitting, and showed me this:


He said, “Do you know what this is?”

I must not be getting as demented as I thought I was, because I immediately said, “Yes! It’s the old cabinet door you messed up last year!”


He’d saved that thing, all painted up white, and needed a new sign for his lobster operation at the Farmers’ Market on the weekends where he will be also selling FRESH FISH caught by a local fisherman. He made a sign out of it for himself.

Hot dog!

(And the reason he misspelled FLOUNDER is only because he didn’t have the space for the whole word and he may be putting “HADDOCK” down below it at some point.)

(He does know how to spell flounder. Because he came upstairs earlier to ask me “You spell flounder

F-L-0-U-N-D-E-R, right?” and I said yes.)

(Oh, and if anyone thinks my husband can’t spell, I just learned something about him yesterday that I’d never known. In high school, at his graduation ceremony, he was awarded a prize for being the best current events student in his class. Best at what? I don’t know, but he knew his current events better than every other student, I guess. He said the prize was a book. They gave him a choice of books and he said it was one of the hardest decisions he has ever made. (?) I asked him what he chose, and he said it was a big book of Robert Frost’s Poems. I would never have guessed that in million years.)

Cheers to Good Old New England Ingenuity!


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4 Responses to Necessity is the Mother….

  1. Carol says:

    Sign looks great. I can’t live without spell check.


  2. says:

    very smart and still so handsome 🙂


  3. You’ve got a smart and skillful man there, and I know you appreciate him. 🙂
    Cheers from Asia!!!


  4. Doug says:

    There is a reason why smart crafty people don’t throw things away!
    Good job, Paul!


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