Lobster Sunday

It’s been so long since I’ve been in here. Sorry. I’ve run out of words, I suppose.

Tonight Paul is bringing home some “bullets” that he wants to get rid of. “Bullets” are lobsters with no claws. Poor babies. But within the hour, they will be turned red in the bottom of our big pot of boiling water, and soon thereafter in our tummies.

Unexpected lobster rolls for supper. One of the perks…



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7 Responses to Lobster Sunday

  1. MmmMMmmM!!!! I love lobster! Of course, its price is prohibitive here in Asia. *sigh*


  2. sandy from Chicago says:

    Yum I really do love lobster rolls !


  3. Bex says:

    Lobsters can lose things, like tentacles, claws, and then they re-grow them back! They lose claws all the time. A “cull” is a lobster with only one claw and are cheaper than an intact lobster. Lots of customers ask for culls to save money and still get lobster because the best meat is really the tail, and they usually always have their tail intact.


  4. sandy from iowa says:

    “Y U M M Y “


  5. Betty Lou Parlee says:

    Oh! I am so jealous! Lobster is one of my favorite foods. Enjoy !!!!!


  6. Rhubarb says:

    Not only yummy, but as fresh as food gets. How does it happen that a lobster has no claws? I thought it couldn’t survive without claws.


  7. Wendy, NC says:

    Perks, indeed. That lobster roll looks so yummy!


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