Drip, drip, drip


This is the leak in the ceiling in my office, very near my computer equipment! It is making me crazy.

We just had a roofer here to give us an estimate on replacing our entire roof. They told us it would be “end of October/beginning of November” but I don’t know… contractors are mostly delayed, never on-time or early. I faxed a picture of this leak to the roofer this morning, and told them “the sooner the better” as this leak is way to close for comfort. It is drip-drip-dripping constantly now. We are having a Nor’Easter here in New England and it’s not supposed to be gone til tomorrow morning. We had wild wind and hard rain all night long. Paul can’t go lobstering in this weather and he has already missed almost a week due to this crappy weather pattern lately. Not good. No work/no pay for him.

Well, just wanted to document my leak and to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY today to our friend Sheila in the Yorkshire Dales in England.

Back to my leak monitoring duties.

(drippy) Cheers,


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5 Responses to Drip, drip, drip

  1. yorkshire sweet pea says:

    water water everywhere but not a drop to drink! a good old yorkshire saying! (maybe or maybe not!)
    thanks for thinking of me an’all and anyroadup!
    love sp


  2. sandy from Chicago says:

    Hmmm that doesn’t look good. Can you move your computer equipment until the roof is fixed? hang in there!


  3. I second Carol’s hope! Surely, with the construction market in the dumps, roofers must be looking for work!!!
    Best Wishes for Rapid Roof Repair! Hugs, ~ Sil


  4. sjwdfreel@msn.com says:

    I was flooded this summer but this might be more bad…the top of your house falling in …bummer


  5. Carol says:

    I hope it is sooner for you. That doesn’t look good at all.


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