Pies in the Skies! or A Halloween Revelation

Every year, when Thanksgiving is over and the dishes are all cleaned off and put into the dishwasher, and the folks have gone back to their house and it’s time to just sit down for the first time all day, I say to myself, or anyone else nearby,

“This is the LAST time I’m doing Thanksgiving here. Next year we are going out for dinner.”

I do. I say it every year. And every year it gets more imperative that we do that because my physical state gets worse and worse.

This year, a few weeks ago, I mentioned to Paul, after we’d had his folks over for a simple regular style dinner, that I CANNOT and WILL NOT do Thanksgiving dinner this year here. It just hurts too much.

He shrugged.

Of course, time has gone by, and even though my aches and pains haven’t subsided one little bit, I am reconsidering my decision, and so I told Paul to tell his folks that I will, indeed, cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. But we need to make it simple and go slowly. And he needs to help me, especially with the house-cleaning part. I can’t do both. Not any more.

Then, with this in the back of my mind for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to come up with a simple menu for Thanksgiving. And the other day it came to me, out of the blue, like it was sent by “Olive,” my personal angel-assistant-guide.



I love pot pies.

I don’t make them very often, in fact hardly ever, but I occasionally buy them all made from the store. The other night I had leftover cooked chicken breasts and lots of leftover cooked veggies, so I just added a can of Cream of Chicken soup to the veggies, added the cut-up chicken, and served it up – no crust. About half-way thru the eating of it, and finding out that Paul loved it as much as I did, it dawned on me that this was basically chicken pot pie but without the piecrust! Then “light dawned on Marble-head.”


Chicken And Turkey Pot Pies! I have my menu!

Of course, I’ll tweak them a bit for the special day. I’ll make two, one of each, and they will be good sized. I may throw in some asparagus, too, because we all love that. Oh, and some butternut squash cut up in cubes. So many options! My brain has been going in overdrive since this revelation hit me! I am so psyched!

I can make them ahead of time, too. We can have some nice rolls with them (per Paul’s request, personally I don’t really like rolls with dinner) and then maybe I’ll make an unusual salad to accompany the pot pies, something with cranberries involved. Some kind of dessert, or the folks can bring the dessert, like they usually do. That’s enough food. Not traditional but enough, and yummy.

Easy Peasy.

I’ll check back with you on the day after Thanksgiving to let you know how it went. I’m going now to thumb through my many cookbooks to find just the right recipe/technique, or combination of recipes, for this meal.

~ ~ ~

Today is Halloween.

We live in Salem, The Witch City. It is Halloween Central here in Salem. Salem celebrates this “holiday” for months at a time, starting sometime in September and going thru sometime in November. “Haunted Happenings” officially goes from Oct. 1st thru the 31st” (today) but it doesn’t end there. The tourists are all here and milling around all the streets. You can’t drive anywhere unless you are VERY careful about not running one or more of them down. I’ve just come back from my office and I took all the back roads and didn’t have any trouble, but it was still early and the hoards were probably sleeping late in anticipation of a big night tonight.

We don’t “do” Halloween any more. It’s dark here at our house, and no one comes to the door these days as we are fenced in pretty good and tight. We have done our share of “treating” the little goblins over the years, but we’re old now and we need the money more than they need the sugar-high.

So, to anyone out there who loves this holiday, Happy Halloween to you!

If we can get through it without any “tricks” being played on us, we’ll consider ourselves lucky.


Bex & Co.

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7 Responses to Pies in the Skies! or A Halloween Revelation

  1. sandy from Chicago says:

    My friend and I are going to my cousin’s house for Thanksgiving this year. I’m going to bring a baked from scratch apple pie for dessert. But I LOVE the pot pie idea and may do that for Christmas. For years and years I made the traditional turkey and fixings for Thanksgiving. The only thing I like about turkey is how good it makes the house smell when it’s cooking. It brings back memories of childhood.


  2. Crochetlady says:

    I want to know too, with just two of us-plenty of leftover turkey and turkey dumplings just go so far. We like pot pie too!


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    You are very lucky to have Paul, Bex! I’m lucky too to have my DH. He does the clean up and he also helps with anything I ask of him. He calls himself the sous chef, and I’m the head chef. Although he does excel in two areas of his own: making perogies (for Christmas morning) and making his Triple Chocolate Brandied Cherry Cheesecake! *drool*

    I think your idea of the pot pies is fantastic! We also love pot pies over here, although for now we’re still doing the whole birds and making the pot pies after the holidays.

    Please share with us what type of pot pie you decide on. It’ll be really interesting to hear what things you considered and what the winner was.


  4. Bex says:

    I must be one of the luckiest wives on the planet, because I never had to do the clean-up after dinner. Whether it’s a weeknight, or a special occasion dinner, Paul has taken on that job as his and he never disappoints. He never complains either. He does it quietly and willingly. I need to see about cloning him – really – seriously! We need more men like him!! But I get your point about not overdoing, because I tend to do that and get all worn out. I thought of Bisquick, too, for the topping, Sarah.


  5. Rhubarb says:

    This year I, being an OWL (Old White Lady), am ordering a pre-cooked turkey breast and fixings from my local Ralph’s Deli, and am having my house cleaned professionally. I’ve been saving up for it, because physically I just can’t do it myself any more.

    I love the idea of the pot pies. I’ve already ordered the Thanksgiving stuff, but for Christmas I’m going to adopt your idea. What a great, brilliant idea! I can use biscuit mix for the crust on top.

    Take care that you don’t overdo, with all the “extras” you are writing about. You don’t want your enthusiasm to set you back physically. And get volunteers for cleanup!


  6. Carol says:

    I show up at my daughters too. Of course I bring something. SIL says he is doing the turkey this year but I am not sure he will.
    I like your idea and it sounds yummy. That is what we do with leftovers if we have some.
    It is good to give yourself a break.


  7. Betty Lou Parlee says:

    Sounds like you have a plan for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. I, on the other hand, don’t have to do a thing but show up at my daughter’s house for any holiday since becoming a great-grandmother. I love it!


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