And the doors just keep on coming

So here’s the scoop. We bought two storm/screen doors, for the front and side doors. We have one more door to this house, in the basement around back, that has a really old decrepit storm door that has been here since we bought the house.

When Paul and Bill installed the new storm door last week at the side (or what we call the “back”) door, I noticed that the glass lite didn’t go all the way down to the bottom but stopped about 18-24″ up from the floor. This poses a problem for me because my puppies, when they lie down in front of the storm door, like to look out onto the world. I think of it as their version of TV. They don’t do it so much at the “back” door, but they do it every single day at the front door. I like a glass lite to go all the way to the bottom for that reason.

Here is the one we already put on for comparison:


So you can imagine my dismay when I discovered this flaw. Paul, being the fabulous person he is, suggested that we put the other new door down in the basement, and that we order a new one with a full glass lite in it.


And that we have done, and it’s pictured above. The windows can be tilted in to clean, and the screen I believe goes in front of the windows. It’s some kind of a new type of screening material that is more tightly woven than the old ones, and apparently you can see thru it more more clearly than you can thru a regular screen. Anyway, it will take a couple of weeks to come in, so now we still have two storm doors to install.

The puppies thanked me for thinking of them like that. It would have meant a big change in their lifestyle here if they couldn’t curl up together in front of that front door and keep an eye on the front garden and street!

Here is the late, great, Jazzy doing what our puppies have always enjoyed doing… keeping an eye on things. (This is an old picture – decorating has taken place and the walls are no longer that color!)

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5 Responses to And the doors just keep on coming

  1. sue says:

    Just a thought–what about installing the door upside down? You’d have to redo the latch catch, but I don’t think that that’s such a big deal.


  2. sue says:

    When my husband built the current front porch he made sure to have cat shelves in the corners so they could keep track of what was going on outside.


  3. Rhubarb says:

    There’s something about doors and dogs. We always had a huddle, even when we had doors that were opaque. Jasmine used to put her nose down at the bottom crack and take deep, edifying breaths, finding out all about who had passed by.


  4. Carol says:

    We do all sorts of things to keep our animals happy don’t we?


  5. TopsyTurvy says:

    Aw! Glad you’ll be able to make the change – for the puppies sake. I know that over here Indy would be lost without being able to look out the sliding glass door. He spends much of his day looking out.


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