Going Red

Again with the new curtains! It wasn’t too long ago that I put up these white ball-fringe curtains in the living room. I knew they were “summer” curtains but I went ahead and put them up anyway. Well, now that it’s getting colder, and we ARE in New England, it’s time for some warmth around the windows, which can be quite drafty during this time of year.

Here are the white ones:


And then I found the bargain of the year! These lusciously red corduroy curtains/drapes were on-sale at Country Curtains for $14.99 a pair! 84″ long! I only wanted 4 63″ pairs and 1 84″ pair, but they only had 2 63″ pairs left so I got 5 84″ pair for the same price as the 63″ pairs – $14.99 a pair! These curtains were going for $70 a pair before the clearance! Which would have set me back $350, but instead only set me back $75 (+ shipping of course).


OK. This has to be my last splurge for a long, long time. I need to curb the enthusism somewhat here. The curtains (or drapes, whatever!) need to be ironed and hemmed up a bit. I pinned them up just to see what they would look like, and even though they do make the room look darker, which was why we loved the white curtains – they brightened up that room – I still love the color, and when there is snow outside, they are going to be real good.

So that’s what’s new here at the cottage. I’ve had to work most of this week due to us being short-staffed so I haven’t had much time for relaxing. Maybe next week. Yeah, I’ll relax over Thanksgiving. I almost forgot!



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5 Responses to Going Red

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    I really like the change with the red curtains! But even more, I like the lacy panels that are underneath. Love the scenic style of them!


  2. JJ says:

    I love that Country Curtain magazine, but the prices have always kept me from ordering. Congrats on your great buy!


  3. Rhubarb says:

    Perfect to cozy up the room on those cold drafty winter days. What a nice color. And on sale, too! You really had a piece of luck (and a good eye).


  4. What a Great Deal!!! And, you have enough pieces to make matching pillow covers, or something!!!


  5. Carol says:

    very pretty Bex. Love your house.


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