Project Accomplished. All Systems Go.


I am done making curtains.

Well, almost. The long ones on the sliding glass doors are only pinned up and haven’t been ironed yet. I still have to do that.

And I just put some leftover red fabric on a tension rod to cover the A/C unit in one window which I didn’t hem or iron yet either.

But for now, I need to put an end to this project. My body is screaming in pain. And I have to do other things!

I thank you for your advice on the curtains. I still have the option of putting them on the rings – if/when I get some that are more attractive than the ones I had in my drawer. For now, I have the curtains on the rods.


So now I need to attend to other things that have been put on hold for a few days whilst I plowed thru this sewing project. You wouldn’t think just cutting and hemming 4 sets of curtains was a big deal, but for me it was. I hadn’t sewed anything in a very long time and it took me the whole weekend to find all my sewing equipment and organize it.

So this may be IT before Thanksgiving. I hope you, who celebrate this holiday, have a good one and don’t get into any family arguments (something that was a common occurence in our house growing up) or overeat too much. Just have a nice day off. See you on the other side of it.




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5 Responses to Project Accomplished. All Systems Go.

  1. Neva says:

    Your home is lovely, Bex, and your curtains look very good. I hope that you have a great Thanksgiving celebration. Take care.


  2. Rhubarb says:

    I really love the way the curtains pick up the bright colors here and there in the rest of the room. Beautiful. Now relax for a while. Take a lesson from your sofa companions (first picture) and just veg out for a bit. Your body will thank you. Good job!


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Bex! Your home looks lovely! Take care and don’t over-do, k?


  4. Betty Lou Parlee says:

    Good job…Well done….Now relax and have a Happy Thanksgiving !


  5. Carol says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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