And then the snow came…


Oh yeah. Winter in New England is here. We’d been very lucky up until yesterday, but our luck just ran out. We are buried.

Paul has been out for two shifts of shoveling. I think we must be the only family in the city who still does their shoveling by hand, too. I have not heard any snowblower machines start up yet. People are in for the duration of this storm. Except for Paul.

The dogs need a P/P-path shoveled first thing in the morning for obvious reasons. We don’t plan on going out for most of today but Paul will have to go check on his boats (lobster boat and rowboat) later on today. We’ve heard on the news that the tides were so high, 20-foot waves were recorded crashing up onto the shoreline of the North Shore area overnight.

The other day, Paul went down to organize his lobsters and his rowboat was gone from where he’d tied it up. After searching for it and asking questions, someone told him they saw it tied up way across the harbor, down the other end of the harbor, on a pier that is attached to The Neck (which is a peninsula-like part of Marblehead). My guess is that someone was in town having a few too many cocktails and decided to take his rowboat across the harbor rather than pay for a taxi back home to The Neck. And they just rowed down there and tied it up and left it. The Bums!

So we have no idea how his boats have fared yet.

Kip is bugging me constantly to go out to play, but after 4 outs so far this morning, I am not opening that storm door again for a while. We can’t see out the door because of the caked-on snow and ice.

Snowy cheers,



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9 Responses to And then the snow came…

  1. JJ says:

    I think it’s absolutely horrid that someone “borrowed” your husband’s boat like that! What if they didn’t tie it securely and it was damaged in a storm??
    Well, Happy New Year, Bex!!


  2. sue says:

    The last snow I remember (because some of it was still around the next day) was when Anna was about six or seven months old.

    Anna is in first grade now.

    Houses with kids all had snowcreatures in the front yards. The snowmen looked like the Honey Island Swamp Monster–all covered with pine straw.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Oh my! You REALLY got the snow over there with a vengeance! That really brought back memories of walking to school in that kind of stuff – not that we don’t sometimes have similar snows here.

    I hope Paul is able to retrieve his boat without a problem. I’d almost be mad at someone for having taken it, if I wasn’t so relieved for both your sakes that whoever took it actually made it safely across rather than suddenly going missing and the boat turning up on a beach somewhere.

    Over here, DH is having to deal with our pup wanting out more than usual too. Pup loves the snow! Fortunately we have less than half of what you have (for now).

    Sending you and Paul wishes for a happy, comfortable few days of hibernation!


  4. Crochetlady says:

    I wanted that snow!!! 😦 But it missed DC. We got less than an inch! We do have high winds today! and it is COLD! (though they are saying 50s by New Years day)


  5. Bex says:

    Yes, Sarah, the pups wanted me to come out to play, but I wasn’t having any of it. Let’s see, I think they have had 5 or 6 playtimes outside so far today and it’s only 1:11 p.m. Still lots more to come, I’m sure.


  6. Rhubarb says:

    Wow! I guess you can say winter has come with a vengeance. I hope Paul’s boats are all right; when they’re used for income and not just pleasure, people should recognize a working boat and leave it alone. Not to mention leaving it alone if it doesn’t belong to them.

    Pups are just asking you to come out and play, aren’t they? And somewhat miffed that you’re just standing there, taking a picture. I can read it in their body language….


  7. Sandy says:

    we had it friday/sat…i though we used it all up in iowa…guess not…
    Sorry you have this to deal with and Poor paul…what a mess for him


  8. Oh, Gracious! I understand what you are going through, and I don’t envy you one bit! It’s colder than a nudist’s buttocks here, but just a dusting of snow (That’s typical in Korea; the frost goes deep!) My dog in Maine used to give me the “stink eye” as if I caused the blizzard! She hated to go out to ‘make water’ in it.


  9. Wendy, NC says:

    I know that storm–we had it first, although not nearly as much. However, all the tennis balls are well and truly buried and the canine natives are getting restless.


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