A Motto I Can Live By

So I’m sitting here at my desk, working away, doing my typing for Monday now, over the weekend, as I always do so I can have Monday free rather than Sat/Sun free. I thought I’d take a little break from my work and thumb through a new catalog that just came in with today’s post. I came to a little sign for sale, a wooden burgundy sign, with a great MOTTO printed on it that I just fell in love with. You may have seen this motto before, but for me, today, it hit me just right and I think I’ll adopt it as my motto from now on. It goes like this:


Life should NOT be a journey to the grave

with the intention of arriving safely in an

attractive and well-preserved body,

but rather to skid in sideways, body

thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and

screaming: “WOO HOO, what a ride!”

Oh yeah. I’m definitely going to end my days with a thoroughly used up and totally worn out body. In fact, the way I feel these days, that day may not be too far off!

Oh, BTW, the catalog, just to give credit where credit is due, was The Country House catalog, on page 24.



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4 Responses to A Motto I Can Live By

  1. sue says:

    In the last nine years (since turning 65) I’ve worked at a dig in Romania (at the mouth of the Danube), swum in the Black Sea (while American warships were anchored there), and had the dubious “pleasure” of missing a step in Kenya, breaking a hip, and spending a week in a Kenyan hospital while the insurance people set up my return trip. The hospital was fantastic. (You have to love the Muslim attitude of those who have money giving plenty to improve the community.)
    When I got back to Louisiana I hit the third/fourth world hospital in post-Katrina Slidell. (Same sheets on the bed for three days. Same gown on my body also.)

    I may be accumulating more and more years, but I refuse to “get old.”


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    I thought I’d seen that website before. That’s the same company that now handles the Yield House items and furniture. Yield House has always been a favorite of mine. I’ve had a dark pine TV stand and a dark pine hutch of theirs for some 30 years.

    Gosh, has it been that long?!


  3. Sandy says:

    good one….i have that book somewhere in my pile that comes in the mail…will have a look .


  4. Wendy, NC says:

    I like this one and am doing my best! I believe it is properly attributable to Hunter S. Thompson, although at the moment I can’t tell you the work in which it appears.


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