A Note From The Arctic



Watch the slideshow above for recent photos of our latest snow storm. The first 24 photos were taken this morning. The rest were from previous snowstorms this winter.


The picture above shows the monster overhang of snow dripping down into icicles outside my bedroom window. The overhang of snow must go out from the side of the house about 15 inches!

All in all we have gotten over 60 inches of snow this season. According to the weatherman on TV today.

Notice the pathways in the front yard for the dogs. I’m thinking of spray-painting the high snow portions green so it will look like an English maze. I’ve always wanted to plant hedges and let them grow and cut them into a maze out front. Maybe in my next life. For now I’ll have to be happy with a snow-maze.

It’s just a good thing I have Paul because shoveling out of this place would be way beyond my pay-grade.

That’s it from here. Lots of things going on in our lives but not really appropriate to tell here – for now anyway. Let’s just say they involve hospitals and insurance and rehab centers and leave it at that. Paul and I are fine though.

I am going to be one happy camper to see the spring thaw this year!

Chilly Cheers,

Bex & Co.

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4 Responses to A Note From The Arctic

  1. sandy from Chicago says:

    It seems like the East coast is really getting dumped on this winter. We’ve been lucky in the midwest. We have snow on the ground but it’s been gradual. Next week they say a big storm is coming through so maybe we’ll have drifts like yours.

    I’m also sorry to hear about the hospitals and rehab. I hope that the treatment and recovery are fast and successful.


  2. Bex says:

    They are having a hard time finding places to pile the snow in Boston. Yesterday on the local news, they showed the reporter standing next to a bank of snow that was 5 stories high – that is 5 building stories! And we are expecting flurries tonight and tomorrow (about an inch) but another round of serious snow again next week sometime. Maybe our area will just disappear under it all, only to be dug out in spring by some archeologists!


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Reminds me of my high school years. I can remember there being so much snow that it was piled up on the sidewalks as high as my shoulder.

    Sorry to hear about your involvement with hospitals and rehab, that’s worrisome. Sending best wishes to you and Paul…


  4. rhubarb says:

    My goodness! I think you deserve some capital letters here: SNOW. COLD. ICY.

    Your friend-in-fur didn’t look too happy with the whole snow thing, even with the pathways in the front yard.


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