By Way of an Explanation

I mentioned previously that we were dealing with hospitals, insurance, and rehabs. All three of those items are now a thing of the past (temporarily, I’m sure). What happened was, a week ago, P’s dad got a virus of some sort, never identified by the medical gods, that brought him to the hospital in the middle of the night. We were called but I had turned my phone upstairs off, so we never heard the phone. P’s sister was calling us (she lives 25 miles away) and since she could not arouse us here, she called the local police here and they sent out a couple of officers to see if we were OK.

We never heard them either, but we did observe strange (meaning other than ours) footprints on the snow at the back door. So they were here. That door is only feet away from the side window of the bedroom where both dogs were also sleeping, and do you think anyone of us heard them? Nope. Great guard dogs we have!

Then, a couple of days later, P’s mother came down with the same bug and she went, in the middle of the night by ambulance, to the hospital, as well. She was on a different floor from her husband. It was all very stressful. They are both almost 90 and his Dad has Alzheimer’s. Anyway, it’s been a week of worrying, and back and forth to hospitals, dealing with social workers and doctors (such fun!) and finally making the decision that things have got to change.

The folks need 24-hour care at their apartment. So yesterday his Dad went home, and P. is taking his Mom home as I write this. They have had one night of attended care and that will go on indefinitely. Assisted living or skilled nursing care are possibilities and are available at the (elderly) facility where they live now so it could change again. But having those ladies there to watch over them now has significantly eased P’s mind. It’s expensive as all get-out but necessary for now.

I have resolved that I will not get any older. Oh, maybe I will. I will age until I’m 66 and able to collect my full social security check, and then I’ll stop. Because getting that old just doesn’t look very appetising to me at all.

Three cheers for the geezers,



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5 Responses to By Way of an Explanation

  1. rhubarb says:

    My goodness, you have had your hands full–it’s wonderful having help with them, but you still have to be the go-between and manager (not to mention paying for it all) and it just goes on and on. I have said many times that for everyone’s sake, when I go, please just let me drop down suddenly with a heart attack and it’s over.

    I agree: I’m not getting older. I’m fine, right at the age I am now, regardless of my birthdate.


  2. Oh, Gosh! I understand how hectic it’s been. Health problems are draining on all concerned! Do conserve your energy as much as possible. Lots of Love! ~ Sil


  3. sue says:

    I’ll be 75 this summer–that’s not “old”–it’s “mature.”


  4. Bex says:

    Carol – I am dying to hear your story about the transplant!!! When are you going to do another blog?


  5. Carol says:

    Sorry they are ill. Hope they are better now.
    My mom had a virus and was taken to the hospital at 3:30 am. She was sent back to the nursing home and is doing better. So at least she is in a place to be cared for.


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