Fruity Yogurt Smoothie Recipe Just For You


Fruity Yogurt Smoothie


1 cup Frozen berries (blueberries, raspberries, &

strawberries) thawed to room temperature.

1 cup Good Greek Yogurt, plain

1 TBSP sugar or honey

1 Ripe banana – cut up


In a small food processor (or a large one if you want a lot more of this yummy-ness) whizz the above ingredients together until the berries are not quite liquified but still small chunks.

Pour into a lovely old antique wine glass (the one above was given to us by P’s mother and they were hers for her entire life, which is almost 90 years now, so I think that qualifies them as being antiques now).

You will probably want to eat this smoothie with a spoon as it’s very thick and extremely yummy, and I don’t think a straw would do it for you.

I know – this recipe has probably been done a million times, but I’ve never made one before and today I did. So here you go. It’s simple, easy-peasy, and oh-so-good-for-you!


Or you can add a slice of orange, as I did above, or a lemon or lime. Anything you have hanging around the kitchen.

Behind the Smoothie is our large jar of homemade granola that I just made yesterday. I’d say we make the granola about once every 7 or 8 days or so. If anyone wants the recipe for that, all you need do is ask and I will oblige.



P.S. I’ve had a request for the granola recipe so, as promised, I’ll write it out – see NEXT entry for it.

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2 Responses to Fruity Yogurt Smoothie Recipe Just For You

  1. Sandy says:



  2. Carol says:

    The smoothie looks very good. I would like your granola recipe please.


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