Two Faces of Me

Look at these two pictures of me. In my former life as a young person. My ex-husband sent them to me by email the other day as he had them stashed away in boxes of old photos. This is the first time I have EVER seen these pictures of myself. I am going on 63 now, and I couldn’t have been more than 20 or 21 when these were taken, I have no idea. But tell me – do they even look like they are the same person? They were taken not too far apart in time.



Anyway, I thought I’d pop in here just to say hi, as I only put up one little entry for the entire month of February. Naughty blogger I am.

It’s just that nothing much ever happens here worth writing about! We still have a front garden/yard full of snow, even after some melting. We got another 5 inches or so the other day, too. I am so sick of winter I could just scream. But who would hear me? And would it even matter?

Well, happy March everyone. My friend who lives in the UK in the Yorkshire Dales says that next Tuesday, 08 March, is Shrove Tuesday when they have pancakes over there in the UK. I looked it up and apparently here they call it Mardi Gras! I never knew that. Learn something new every day.

Has anyone ever read any of Meg Tilly’s books? I am just finishing up her book, “Singing Songs” and I highly recommend it. She used to be an actor but is now an author.

That’s all I’ve got. Actually, I’m here working today but am ready to call it a day and rest up from this stuff.



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7 Responses to Two Faces of Me

  1. JJ says:

    Absolutely fresh faced and beautiful in both pics!


  2. sue says:

    But when you are in the midst of an incredibly unremarkable life, the challenge is to find some thing in the day that’s at least a teeny bit worth remarking on.


  3. rhubarb says:

    The eyes are bent on the horizon, the future, hope. Yes, they seem like you. And inside that 60-year-old self the 20-year-old self still dreams.


  4. Yes, the eyebrows and cheeks are you! Exploring Meg Tilly’s books is on my to-do list. Hang in there, Spring is coming. Winter is getting tedious here, too. I’ve dug out all my gaily-flowered shirts and blouses, and am wearing them over my long underwear…LOL!


  5. TopsyTurvy says:

    Yes, the pictures do like they’re the same person, just with the hair grown out. What a pretty, fresh-faced youngster you were back then, Bex. That young woman’s face, to me, does match with the person I ‘hear’ when you write to us now.

    Over here they call it Pancake Tuesday, and there will be all kinds of specialty donuts and pastries out for that day.

    Funny you should mention the book by Meg Tilly, former actor now author. Today I was curious about Grace Slick, former singer with Jefferson Starship, and looked up what she’s doing. She’s now 71 and is actually a very good (paint) artist!

    Just goes to show that talent in one area can blossom into talent into other areas.


  6. WendyNC says:

    And where I grew up, it was called Fastnacht Day. Guess what we ate?


  7. Sandy says:

    You can tell it you thru the eyes for sure.
    Sick of snow also here in Iowa.
    I have her website filed…very good it is 🙂


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