Then, and Now

OK. So let’s recap.

Winter came to us early on, I can’t remember the date, but it was very long ago and far away. And we got snow. And then we got more snow. And before all that snow had a chance to melt away naturally, as Mother Nature intended it to do, we got even MORE snow. And then when we couldn’t squeeze two car-widths by on our street, and the City had to issue a ban on parking on all “odd sides” of the city streets because of all the snow piled up everywhere, well, then we miraculously got more snow, and, yes, more snow, and then again, more… snow.

It has been quite a ride. Not so much for me, as I’m excused from snow-removal duties here now that my body parts don’t work very well, but poor Paul. He did so much snow-shoveling this winter that he developed a “pinched nerve” in his left leg that we really weren’t sure would ever go away. He had to have doctors’ appointment, x-rays, CT scan and/or ultrasound, I can’t remember which, and he was prescribed medications, none of which he took, but now that March has arrived, and there is the smell of spring in the air – somewhere high above us – his pain has gone away.


moresnow0005 Snow-Be-Gone0003

Above and below are comparison photos of this place taken only a few weeks apart. Today I took the photos on the right sides, and the left-hand photos were taken at our last snowstorm only weeks before.

SNOW-12JAN100002 Snow-Be-Gone0002

That’s the way life is here in New England. Some winters are kinder to us than others. This one was not kind. But the fact that spring always seems to show up just when you don’t think you can stand another snowflake, is comforting to know.

Today is Shrove Tuesday. I mentioned this before but I know very little about it, other than what my friend, Sheila, who lives in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales of Northern England, tells me. So Happy Shrove Tuesday, Sheila! I hope you are enjoying a pancake treat today in advance of Lent.

Cheers for an imminent spring,


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8 Responses to Then, and Now

  1. rhubarb says:

    Great pictures. What a contrast! Some winters seem to go on and on, relentless, but spring, somehow, always wins out. Glad to see a little bare ground there. Any crocuses yet?


  2. crochetlady says:

    Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras marks the last day before Lent. Today is the first day of Lent. Different names, same idea-only in the States we can make it a big party!


  3. yorkshire sweet pea says:

    I wonder if Fat Tuesday relates to the beginning of the Lenten Fast.(See Karen)
    Had dish of the day in Bettys at Harlow Carr which was Pancakes with Mushrooms and very delicious and expensive it was too!
    Sunny but very cold hereabouts both yesterday and today so far.
    I wish all you bloggers a very good day.


  4. sandy from Chicago says:

    We’ve gone from snow to rain in Chicago. This has been the longest and snowiest winter I can remember in a long while. I have family in northern Wisconsin and they’re getting ready for another big snowstorm.

    Karen I really hope your dog makes it to Spring. I was going to recommend “pee pads”but they look too small. Then I found this indoor dog potty Maybe that would help you and your dog



  5. Bex says:

    Oh Karen, I will pray for your dear collie. One of our former collies, Jasmine Rose, was a white collie with a sable head, and she went lame at the end and could not get up or down stairs, let alone up from a lying position. Very hard, indeed. Dogs’ lives are way too short — way, way too short. I hope spring comes at least once more for yours.


  6. Spring hopes eternal…or sumpin’ like that. 😉 We’re getting frost every night and thawing every day, perfect sap weather. There’s a tree here that they tap for sap, then drink it as a spring tonic. But it’s not a maple tree and they don’t simmer it down, just drink it as it comes. I see older people in hiking gear, with bottles, going to the mountain to collect the sap.


  7. TopsyTurvy says:

    I’m glad to hear that things are starting to melt for you, Bex. Over here we got almost 10 inches of snow just the other day. It was quite the surprise after about 2 inches of rain, but you couldn’t even tell it had rained. We’ve had some brilliant sunshine, though, and yesterday I heard a robin singing – so hopefully spring isn’t too far away.

    Karen, for your old collie, maybe you could find one of those little fake grass indoor pee spots that they’re making now? I wonder if that would work for him, if they make them big enough?


  8. Karen says:

    It is Fat Tuesday in the states. I live in Michigan which has been bombarded with snow this winter and now we are supposed to have more tomorrow.
    My poor old collie is not going to make it to nice weather one more time, if the snow does not stop. I want so much for him to have one more Spring and Summer but he can’t get in and out of the house and snow just makes it so hard on him and me too when I have to try and help him up the stairs etc. Lets hope we have Spring soon.


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