A job finally completed (25 years later)

I had a long rather boring entry all typed out here and one slip of the finger and it all disappeared. I guess that was the sign that it was too long and boring for you to have to read thru, so I’ll just shorten it up.

We have never had a nice pair of permanent curtains on the window in the upstairs loo since we moved into this house back in January 1987.

Today I made a pair of curtains out of two very old white cotton sheets, given to me by my dear mother-in-law when they moved into their apartment from a large house. I just pulled out the old sewing machine, made two rows of stiches across the top (the twin sheets where folded in half with the folded end at the top), ironed them, and hung them at the window.


I am very satisfied with them now, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment now that my upstairs loo is fully dressed.

Paul installed that window new this winter, and he still has to paint it white, so after that, it will finally be complete.


Spring is only 5 days away, and these curtains are just the thing to get me in the mood to welcome her in.



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7 Responses to A job finally completed (25 years later)

  1. rhubarb says:

    Excellent choice of curtain material. I have blue-accented tile in my kitchen, and used blue pillow cases for curtains. Very washable, soil-resistant, and need no ironing. Learned to use sheets and pillow cases for curtains from my frugal mother, and even when I could afford others, I like the look of yours in the bathroom.


  2. Your curtains look really lovely! Good Job! @->–>–>


  3. sandy from iowa says:

    I too have sat on the loo there and looked out the window…nice job you did 🙂


  4. crochetlady says:

    Your part is done! What is the next project on the list?


  5. Doug says:

    Nice! I love taking things off of the to-do list, and that one must’ve been near the top chronologically!


  6. TopsyTurvy says:

    The curtains look great!


  7. yorkshire sweet pea says:

    i remember back in 1966 sitting on the loo in the picture looking out of that curtainless window!
    Congratulations; curtains look lovely!
    martha stewart eat your heart out!
    here it would be kirsty allsop eating her heart!
    love from very naughty yorks sweet pea!


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