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Happy Wedding Day, You Two!

Can’t stay, but wanted to report, for anyone who missed the Big Do over in Old Blighty this morning, the Royal Wedding of the “now-Duke and Duchess of Cambridge” went off without a hitch. I have never seen anything go … Continue reading

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Getting on in years…

On this day, sixty-two years ago, the picture above was taken. I’m told it’s me, at my first birthday. There isn’t any corroborating evidence, and all I have is the short-form of my certificate of live-birth to prove I was … Continue reading

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A not-so-royal wedding

Obviously, I’m going through a “dry period” right now, writing-wise. Not that I was ever that “wet” but it’s been a desert lately for ideas, stories to tell, etc. Sorry about that. This is just a little blip to explain … Continue reading

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No Joke, This Time

It was an April Fool’s joke to end all. Just when we were starting to really enjoy the outdoors again, after what seemed like a record winterus horribilus, we get this first thing this morning: My senses are all confused. … Continue reading

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