The Exorcism Didn’t Really Work

I was reminiscing recently about when we gutted our kitchen back in 2003 and what a mess we had to live in whilst doing that job. Here are a few before/after photos of the kitchen.


Shortening the Doorway 01/09/03

After (but before the floor was installed):



Kitchen Demolition in Progress


Marilyn in the Kitchen 02/08/04

And more recently:



The only white appliance left is the dishwasher but it works fine so not going to change to black yet. Maybe someday.

~ ~ ~

I sometimes think the Devil is living in that kitchen, even after we gutted the whole thing and put in all new finishes. I seem to have so much trouble putting together a dinner for the two of us each night, always with something going ker-flewy, so I’ve always believed the Kitchen Devil who resided in those old, old cabinets before was never really completely exorcised, but he is still lurking there quiety during the day and then, at night, he sneaks out and gets me.

Is this a sign of insanity? Or does this happen to anyone else?


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8 Responses to The Exorcism Didn’t Really Work

  1. Bex says:

    The floor in the kitchen is only vinyl flooring to look like ceramic tile. Much more durable for the dogs we have who use the kitchen and hallway as a race track on a nightly basis. It’s indestructable.


  2. Rhubarb says:

    What kind of a floor did you have put in there? It’s beautiful, but I can’t quite see it. Perhaps your Kitchen Devil is like a cat, quite put out with all the disruption, but will settle down in time. Eventually. Some day.


  3. JJ says:

    Oh, this gives me hope – we’re going to be starting some major renovations soon and I am terrified they will never be done!


  4. In my apartment, the kitchen is so tiny and dark that my appliances have spilled over into the living room…LOL! All I can really do in the kitchen is wash dishes. Best wishes on doing battle with your Kitchen Devil!!!


  5. Bex says:

    I have scratchy noises over my bedroom too, I don’t want to speculate what they are, ghosts or critters? I got one of those high-pitched electric thingies and have had it plugged in under the eaves and they basically disappeared once I put that in. Yes, it’s a shame I have this Kitchen Devil because I do love my kitchen and I have to use it every single day many times (we don’t DO restaurants). I guess after all this time we have learned to live with one another!


  6. TopsyTurvy says:

    Love the kitchen! It’s a shame that you don’t seem to have a lot of luck with working in there. I’ve never had problems in the kitchen, but when I was a child I’d swear we had a poltergeist that was in my bedroom ceiling and wall. It would make scratching sounds just in my room, until the night I got so scared I went to sleep with my grandparents and then – for the first time ever – it followed me right to their bedroom ceiling!

    I don’t remember any specific night when it left. Seems like I just heard it less and less often over time.


  7. Neva Williams says:

    That is a nice kitchen, and I love your stove! I did the stainless steel look, and regret it. I have been thinking that I should have done black appliances … and a smooth top stove. Oh well …

    In one house that I lived in, many years ago, I came to the conclusion that the back half of the house was haunted, including the kitchen … lol!


  8. WendyNC says:

    Nice kitchen! However, it sounds as if you have brownies making mischief there.


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