A (very) Short Rant

I am a tennis fan. I love to watch the majors when they are on TV (I don’t seem to be able to watch any others with my cable package here). So I’m watching The French Open Tennis Tournament and whenever that Mary Carillo is hosting/calling the match, I go ballistic.

I used to actually like Mary. I thought she was cool and very knowledgeable.

I now turn off that station every time she is on because she insists on calling anyone seemingly younger than she is, a “kid.”

And it isn’t in a loving way either. “The Kid” is said with a jar in her voice, as if she is saying “well, they don’t really know as much as I do about tennis because they are only ‘kids.’ ” This makes me livid.

The Kid.

To me that is a derrogatory term. Especially when she uses it constantly in referring to the young ladies on the professional circuit, who all seem to be young adults, or they wouldn’t be playing in the majors.

So I have just written to The Tennis Channel to voice my consternation about this use of the word “kid” by Ms. Carillo. I refuse to watch it while she is there doing that and I have told them so.

Not sure they care about my viewing custom, but there you go. David vs. Goliath.

Maybe the pebble I have launched will slip under Goliath’s sandal and it will bother him underfoot all the way down the road of life.



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4 Responses to A (very) Short Rant

  1. Bex says:

    I watched The Tennis Channel today and Mary C. was calling the match (along with someone else) and the ONLY time I heard her mention the word “kid” was when she was telling a story about one of the players who had done something or other “as a kid” – which is a totally acceptable phrase to me. But don’t call a present-day young adult “The Kid” – oh no! I have NOT heard back from the station either.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    Good for you with speaking your piece! I’ve voiced complaints to stations before and, almost amazingly, been rewarded with changes in programming. (The removal of a very upsetting commercial and the cancellation of a series that advocated dangerous practices in home repair.) I hope you’ll be just as successful!


  3. Rhubarb says:

    As a teacher, I was told years ago never to refer to my students as “kids”; they were either students or pupils or children, but not young goats.

    Just recently, I’ve been hearing “The Kid” used as derogatory (goes with a certain tone of voice) and I don’t like it any more than I like being called an “Old Lady” with a sneering smirk.

    Age is not a criterion of quality. >>End Rant<<


  4. Karen says:

    If her constant use of the word”kid” in a deragatory manor bothers you, it most likely bothers other people too. If they get enough complaints, she will hopefully stop it. We don’t always realize how we sound to others.


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