Complain, complain!

May I rant again?

We have a septic tank out back. We have to annually have it emptied. Lovely. Anyway, P. asked me to call and set up the appointment so I did. He is usually here to see the guy and chat with him the whole time, but this year he is out lobstering so it was going to be me here alone to wait for the septic man.

It’s very hot here. I’ve closed up the house and put on the A/C’s, so I’m comfortable enough. It’s also supposed to be one of my days off from work (now that I work part-time, that is) but there was an overabundance of work this week and I was asked to work yesterday AND today, which is the date I set up for the septic man to show up. I thought I would be here with nothing going on, but I have had to work.

When I work upstairs, with earphones stuffed into my ears, I cannot hear if the world is exloding all around me. I am in my own little world of doctors and medical terminology.

The septic company scheduled the appointment for “between 8 and 10 a.m.” I don’t know why they can’t narrow it down more than that, but OK. I got up at 5 a.m. and typed for a few hours and then at 8 o’clock, I went downstairs to wait for the septic man to show up.

When 9:45 rolled around, the phone rang. Three guesses what that was!

The septic man’s mother (his secretary) saying he was running a little late and he’d be there soon.

At 10:30 when he still hadn’t shown up, I needed to get back up and do my work!!! Panic is starting to set in.

So I called her and told her to get a hold of her son and tell him to just do the job and not come to my door because I won’t hear him anyway. She said fine. No problem. And back to work I went.

I have not heard sounds of our septic system being pumped out yet, and I am breaking from my work now, so I looked out back to see if miraculously he had come, pumped, and gone.

Nothing has been disturbed back there. Paul had to dig out the tank last night and the pile of dirt is still there untouched. No one has been here yet.

And it’s 11:55 a.m. as I write this.


Vented. I am erasing my brain of this subject.

Thanks for listening. I’m not answering the door no matter who comes now!

Cheers – and jeers for people who can’t keep their appointments in a timely manner.


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7 Responses to Complain, complain!

  1. Rhubarb says:

    It seems to be a constant refrain, that service people often don’t show up anywhere close to the time for which they were scheduled. And I guess it’s hard to estimate how long a procedure is going to take for them. In this economy, they can’t have workers standing by to jump in if the regular guy is delayed. Very frustrating.


  2. Joan says:

    Sears is always late for their deliveries. I’ve taken days off from work just to be told that there must have been some kind of mistake – our order was never put on the truck! GRRRRRR!!!


  3. sandy from Chicago says:

    I’ve never ever had a tradesman set up an appointment and arrive on time. My cousin has made appointments with tradesmen and they’ve never shown up! In this lousy economy I’d think they’d love the business. With your guy he could have called when he had his emergency imo. Grrrr.


  4. TopsyTurvy says:

    He showed up at 4:30! Nice. Well, at least Paul was there by then.


  5. sue says:

    In the 35-some years that my septic tank has been in the ground and in use, it has been pumped only once, and that was in the last five years.

    It’s got a non-stop aerator, which definitely reduces the frequency of needing pumping.


  6. Bex says:

    He had an “emergency” back-up today which I can understand. But he showed up at 4:30 while Paul was home so I didn’t have to deal with him. We have just had horrific thunder, lightning, high winds go thru this whole state, kind of like last week only no tornadoes. We lost power twice but it’s back now. I cooked supper in the high point of the thunder and lightning and it was not fun!


  7. Sandy Freel says:

    DID THEY GET THERE??I have waited many times for folks to turn up on time or anywhere close to on time.
    Some just dont care about your time…only theirs


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