Fighters for Independence?

To all my U.S. friends, Happy Fourth of July. Or, Happy Independence Day.

To all others, Happy Monday, 04 July 2011. Happy Birthday to a friend in England, another “Rebecca,” daughter of a close friend who also lives there.

I’ve just seen fighter jets fly overhead and am trying to learn why they are in our skies. It seems too early for them today (12:57 p.m.), I would have expected to see them for the Boston Pops fireworks display maybe, much later, at night, but why now? What for? The last time I actually saw fighter jets flying overhead was on 9/11 and that day was not one I wish to relive.

I suppose all will be revealed eventually, but so far I just don’t know.


Bex & Co.

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4 Responses to Fighters for Independence?

  1. Neva Williams says:

    You’re lucky you don’t live here. I live a mile from an Air Force Base and see fighter jets nearly every day. I’m used to it after so many decade, but I can’t think of anything in your neck of the woods that would call for fighter jets.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    No idea why you had the fighters going over so early. Doesn’t seem to have made the news.

    Hope you had a grand 4th!


  3. I’ve heard nothing in Asia that would warrant “calling out the cavalry,” 21st century style. Kim and Son are keeping a low profile up north.


  4. WendyNC says:

    Perhaps the jets are just practicing for a show later this evening. Alternatively, the weather forecast for this evening indicates that it won’t be safe for flying, so they’re doing the show early. Let’s hope it’s something like that, anyway.

    Happy 4th!


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