Goodnight Irene….

Wow, went almost the whole month of August without an entry, only that one way back. Sorry. Not much to say really.


We seem to have survived the Big Blow, otherwise known as Hurricane Irene. But she changed names to Tropical Storm Irene when she got past New York City and came up into New England. So we didn’t really survive a Hurricane, but just a Tropical Storm.

The grounds surrounding the cottage are a mess with branches (not too large, though) and leaves and crap that got blown down from all the trees around here. And we have lots of trees. I kind of wish we could eliminate the humongous oak tree in the front garden, but Paul won’t have it. I despise and detest that tree. It’s a dirty tree – meaning it drops way too many acorns all over the lawn and they are a pain in the neck to clean up. It also drops other things from its branches which make another kind of a mess all over the place. If we had a winning lottery ticket, I would consider hiring a tree removal company to come and take it out. But we don’t. So it stays.

Hurricane, aka Tropical Storm, Irene, you can kiss my grits. Good riddance to you and may there be no more of your ilk in the near future for us.

I don’t know what Mother Nature thinks she is doing to this Earth lately, but it’s not funny, not even fun, and just downright frustrating.

How about a nice coolish sunny day once in a while?





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6 Responses to Goodnight Irene….

  1. Crochetlady says:

    It was stronger here in DC, but then we were in Hurricane Irene. Our newscasters were glad it wasn’t stronger!! Then again, we just had the earthquake this week too!


  2. Bex says:

    I am very irked by the people in the news who are disappointed in this hurricane… it was not what they had predicted to be – the storm ofa lifetime. Well what did they want? To be swept away and their house blown down? Geeze! Be thankful for small favors, will ya?


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Glad to hear things weren’t too bad in your area.

    I’ll do my best to send you some cool weather. Over here we went down to 46 last night! Looks like we get one last gasp of temperature for the Labor Day weekend and then we’ll cool down again.


  4. Relieved to hear you got a less-than-hurricane, but they always make a mess, don’t they?! I was concerned about Paul’s boat and traps. Good that you all didn’t get hurt. Coolth is definitely coming!
    Hugs, ~ Sil


  5. sandy from iowa says:



  6. sue says:

    Mother Natured may be pissed off at what the humans are doing to her.


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