The Big Countdown, and Turkey Spotting


I took the above pictures yesterday (or was it the day before?). We had the local wild turkeys visiting our front garden early in the morning, and the dogs were going nuts. They, being herding dogs, would dearly love to run out the front door, down the porch steps, and over to those strutting turkeys and herd them all into a nice neat little pack. But I don’t give them the chance. It would be too wild and noisy if I let them out to do that, so they just had to be content to observe the wild birds from inside the storm door.

I wish I could give them more of a free-wheeling country life, but we live in a city, and even though we are in a rural-appearing corner of our city, next to the Salem Conservation woods even, there are many, many nearby neighbors who do not appreciate loud collie voices, especially in the early mornings, so I try my best to keep it to a minimum.

But it’s very hard.

~ ~ ~ ~

We’ve had high temperatures here lately, back to summer, and I had the A/C’s going all day yesterday. Don’t like that much, but then again, a few days ago we had almost frost temperatures and I actually put the heat on for an hour or so just to take the chill off the house while I typed.

I cannot type (for work) when my fingers are frozen. After I retire, which at this point will be in 18 days or less, if all goes as planned, maybe I can stand the house a little cooler all day whilst I am in it. But for work, I really need warm fingers. It’s bad enough my fingers ache all the time with arthritis, which seems to be progressing to most of my other joints daily.

Wow. 18 more days.

I think I will go into some kind of culture shock when I find myself with all that free time on my hands. I’ve gotten myself somewhat accustomed to doing little projects around the house, of which there are hundreds if not thousands that need doing, so at least I have a “to-do” list and piece by piece, step by small step, I am getting things done that I’ve been putting off doing for years. If I had better physical health, I would tackle the outside of the house, as well, but right now I just can’t do it. Paul has had to pick up the slack and do all the yardwork himself. And he’s got very little, if any, free time at all so only the very bare minimum yardwork gets done here now-a-days.

He did put in a kidney-shaped garden out front near the street (you can see it in the photos above where the turkeys were lingering) where he is planting various plants, shrubs, flowers, greenery, etc. It looks much better after he mows the grass surrounding the little garden. But we have other planting areas (in the corners) that are weed-filled and need his attention, as well. Maybe once all the leaves are down from the trees, he’ll take a whole day out there and clean up good. But it has to be a day when he can’t possibly go lobstering, which is usually a very blustery windy day. He won’t give up a day of work for gardening. Oh no.

Well, back to my project, which today has been vacuuming the furs up from the floors and walls and ceilings (yes, they climb the walls and deposit themselves on the ceilings here) and I may even get out the dustcloth and get rid of a layer of dust on the furniture. That would lift my spirits – seeing a surface with no dust on it for a change! I also have a new recipe I want to try, pumpkin cornbread, that I found online so that could be on the table tonight with supper.

Happy Columbus Day!



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5 Responses to The Big Countdown, and Turkey Spotting

  1. mz. em says:

    What wonderful photos of the turkeys and your fur children. I am always amazed where Bailey’s fur gets to.

    Where we live, we still have quail, opossums, raccoons, coyotes, and deer. Oh lets, not forget the skunks.

    For some reason I had thought you had retired by now.

    Sil, I had not heard about taking Knox gelatin for arthritis. When I was taking it, it was to make my nails stronger. I don’t think it worked. I will have to give the gelatin a go for the arthritis though.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    Love the pics! You have a lot more leaves than we do, still. Looks like we might be about 2 weeks ahead of you in our leaves turning and falling, even though we’re behind on that because we had lots of rain this summer.

    Wow, not too much longer before you retire. That’s great! Not sure I’d be keeping the house even cooler, though. I think even though I’d have less income I’d still be more likely to cater to my own comfort and keep it a little warmer.


  3. Rhubarb says:

    Wow. 18 more days. How great that is! I’m hoping you will enjoy every minute of the time you have earned with all your hard word.

    Regarding fur: How the heck DOES it get everywhere? I mean EVERYWHERE!!! I’ve even found it in the pots and pans cupboard where no dog paw ever set foot….

    P.S. I wouldn’t expect to have all that “free time” on your hands. I have a lot of retired friends and they are busy all the time. They say the best thing about being retired is that they can pace themselves and take time off to do nothing, when working “on the clock”, they couldn’t.


  4. How excellent that you are this close to the end of work! I’m really happy for you! 🙂

    I’m sure I’ve passed on the tip from my doctor before, that plain Knox gelatin is good for arthritis. I’ve taken a packet every day for close to 20 years, so far no stiffness in the joints. Arthritis runs in my family and I was always scared of it after my older cousin had to give up playing the organ and piano.
    Hugs from Asia, ~ Sil in Corea


  5. Betty Lou says:

    Congratulations on your imminent retirement…I didn’t know it was coming so soon.


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