One Project Accomplished



As you can see above, the upper cabinet that I’d bought and assembled weeks ago has finally been installed in the loo upstairs. The lower one is free-standing. I probably could have accomplished this task myself, if I were living alone. I used to be very handy in my single days.

But since I’ve been married, for the last 26 years, I’ve somehow become more dependent on Paul to do some things that I just don’t feel like attempting (and screwing up). When we got married, I had all my own tools in a nice neat little toolbox, but when my tools moved in with his tools, somehow my tools got lost, misplaced, tossed out… I just don’t know which, but I can never find them anymore. So I let him do these types of jobs.

Isn’t that what husbands are for?

All we had to do today was put two screws into the wall, level the shelf, and hang it. It took us forever. All morning! It was all I could do to just keep my composure and stay in the background, handing him tools.

So now it’s up, and I’m happy with it. If it comes crashing down in the middle of the night, I am just on the other side of the wall and it will scare the shite out of me, you can be sure. And if that happens, and Paul sleeps through it, you can also be sure I will wake him up to show him!

~ ~ ~ ~

We had snow in the night.


This is looking out the upstairs loo at the back wooded area. Not much is left. Sun has been out today. I hope it melts but it’s not really that warm. I guess winter has arrived early…. I am NOT ready for it either!



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4 Responses to One Project Accomplished

  1. mz. em says:

    Very handsome in that loo of yours. Paul did a good job.

    Yes, I remember when I had my own tools and like you, I cannot find very many of them now.

    I’m glad you were not hit hard by the winter snow storm. I shall not tell you what kind of weather we had but it was nice. Ooooh, I said I wouldn’t tell.


  2. That’s very good! It looks so neat and tidy, really fine! Glad you didn’t get a foot of snow. My cousins in Maine are without power…{sigh}.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Your loo looks great, Bex!

    I have some projects I’m working on right now, too. Though I haven’t written about one which will be finished tomorrow as SS27 reads my board and it’s for him. But I’ll post about it later… 😉


  4. sandy from iowa says:

    WOW…Looks nice and tidy in there now…stuff even matches well .
    I have my own tool box and no one gets into it without asking .
    Nice you have a mate that will do stuff for you…I have to beg almost.
    Anyway it looks great…what is the next thing to do ?


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