If dreams came true, dear…

I used to be a huge Pat Boone fan. Back in the 1950’s and 60’s. I had my own Pat Boone Fan Club (the members included myself, as President, my brother as Secretary, my boyfriend Gary P. as Vice President, and Craig F. as Treasurer). That was it. We all lived in the same neighborhood in Marblehead and we were best friends. We all loved Pat Boone back then and we even took up a small collection to buy a scarf once to send to his wife, I have no idea why now, maybe for Christmas. Anyway, we had a lot of his songs on 45 records and played them every day after school down in the cellar where our Club met. One of my very favourite Pat Boone songs was “If Dreams Came True” and I can still get goosebumps now thinking of that song and how it made me feel back then.

My parents would let us stay up every Thursday night, way past our usual bedtime, to watch the Pat Boone show on the telly, at 9 p.m. Such a treat. “See the U.S.A. in your Chev-ro-let, American’s asking you to call….” Remember him singing that?

Anyway, I digress.

Speaking of dreams, I dream about decorating my house and have done so since I was little.

Do you have a mental image of your IDEAL living space? I do. It’s below.


I saw this photograph in a decorating magazine years ago and cut it out to save it. I wanted to transform my living room into something resembling that room above, not necessarily using the exact paint color – i.e. the yellow – as we painted the room yellow once and didn’t much like it. But it does look nice with the blue and white, don’t you think?

I was cleaning out a cabinet downstairs this morning and found this folded-up page. Even after all the years since I cut it out and saved it, this is still my ideal living room. To get this look, we’d have to build out the wall to look like a fireplace, but that seems doable, if the husband is willing – which is the hard part. He won’t be. I have never showed him this picture before. I wonder if he’d like it as much as I do?

Not sure I’d go with the dinner plates on the fireplace either, but something similar. My two windows along the long wall of our living room are much farther apart than in this picture, too, and aren’t as architecturally beautiful as these are. I love the sofa and chairs and the carpet. And the coffee table. I just love the whole look.

Living room 03/19/05 with fuzzy royalty

I would put the faux-fireplace along the wall behind the sofa. There is another window off to the right of the sofa that can’t be seen here.

Oh, if only I were rich!

(P.S. Thanks for your advice on the recliner – namely, sitting in one before buying one. I totally agree with you and that is why I have not ordered it online. Maybe a softer chair, like the one above, would be better, with less mechanicals to go faulty in the future. Just a nice soft ottoman. I could just jump into that room and stay there happily forever!)



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4 Responses to If dreams came true, dear…

  1. mz. em says:

    I remember singing along with Pat Boone when I was a teenager. And, I remember watching his television program too.

    I like both rooms but your room with your two fur children on the sofa is the best. Both dogs look very comfortable.

    In my decorating in my apartment, I moved my futon chair and ottoman parallel to the window to get a window seat affect. Surprisingly, I like it and it opens up the floor space.


  2. Bex I like your room, I quite like the dream room too, it looks very Laura Ashley to me, one of her rooms for a big house, I like the yellow, blue and white and have often used it but in my kitchen, the yellow would be too bright for me in a living room where I prefer a more relaxing colour, I collect photos of rooms and objects and make scrapbook pages in a file for ideas when I decorate, I love your big plaited rug did you or someone you know make it? Pat Boone sure takes me back years, Frances


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    I love both your dream room and your current room. I think your current room is actually very close to the dream, not that much more to do.

    DH and I have been thinking of faux fireplaces, too. Although we want to put a little more into it and have some flames to look at, so we’re looking at a ventless gel flame fireplace. They start at about $400. We almost bought one when we first moved in but needed the money to make it through the raft of bills from the move, but maybe some time after the first of the year we’ll be able to afford one.

    Here’s one that’s really nice, and it would fit in your hoped for decor too:

    White Bentley Gel Fireplace


  4. sandy from iowa says:

    To tell you the truth…I like yours better..very comfort looking and I feel you could relax well in it(I was lucky to do so…fuzzies too)
    Yes a nice overstuff with footrest would be nice..maybe you can move your chair and move in a overstuff and have both to use.
    Hey I have dreams too..a neat house for a change rather than so much setting around.
    BTW…I loved Pat also


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