Cleaning Out From The Ground Up

So, here is what has been occupying my time for the past week. Click on the picture for a slideshow of pictures taken yesterday. The job is not finalized yet, but I’m making progress. I didn’t take “before” pictures just because it was too painful to even look at, but just imagine the worst (cobwebs everywhere, junk piled high, everything stuffed into a small side of the basement) and you can just imagine what I had to start with.


I am cleaning up (my side of) the basement. Wow. This is an area of our house that has been sadly and horrifically neglected lo these last 26 years. I keep thinking it’s Paul’s job to neaten up things down in the “hole,” as I call it, but he never does. He has one side of the basement (the stairs leading to the 1st floor being the dividing line), and his side is still quite horrid. But my side, which contains the washer and dryer, is beginning to feel a little cleaner and happier.

I never thought I would be happy to go down into the basement. But I am!

When my new recliner chair comes (yes! more on that later), I am even thinking of sticking my current one down in the hole, on my side, so I can actually sit there if I am waiting for laundry to be done, etc. Also, my exercycle is down there now and I am even thinking of bringing my upside-down-machine (? name) into that area, but not sure. I don’t want to junk the place up again.

It has taken me about 5 solid days of arduous physical work to clean up this area. I have thrown out lots of old stuff (moved over to Paul’s side for him to dispose of in his own way and time). I have lots more to go, and then there are many other areas of the house (under the eaves, closets etc.) that need total cleaning and organizing, but I will get to them all in good time.

I will fill you in on the “chair” in my next entry. I am going down now to take a break from basement work to make cookies for my sweethearts, both human and canine varieties. They have all run out of them and Mummie needs to get on the baking-stick pronto!

Take care all.



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6 Responses to Cleaning Out From The Ground Up

  1. Neva Williams says:

    Oh … you inspire me. I don’t know where to start, but there are no end of things needing some better organization at my place. I’m glad to hear there is a chair for you on its way.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    The place looks great, and you sound so proud and happy – and with good reason. Good for you, Bex!


  3. I need to find someone to help me organize my possessions. My place looks like an imagined “before” shot. Major decluttering is called for, for sure.

    You have done what I want to do. Congratulation, Bex! It looks beautiful!


  4. mz. em says:

    Congratulations! I need to do the same thing to our second bedroom. There are still boxes in there from last year when we moved in. Don’t cha just love an organized area?


  5. Rhubarb says:

    You are amazing! What an accomplishment. Of course, you couldn’t have done it without your trusty side-kick, seen lurking in some of the pictures. Always nice to know you have help. 😉


  6. sandy from iowa says:

    WOW..I can see a few treasures in there..good thing I dont live closer I would be over there taking some of it off your hands:-)
    Good job you are doing and will enjoy when done I bet.


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