And the saga of the CHAIR continues

So, here’s the scoop on my chair.

I got locked into the old chair a week or so ago and couldn’t get out. It was stuck half-way up/half-way down, and as the seat tilts back and down when the chair is like that, I was being held prisoner of my own chair until Paul could come and pull me up out of it. Oh, the fun of being helpless!

So that was the day I said “Enough is enough” and ordered my new chair. And here she is, ladies and gentlemen:

I haven’t gotten it yet, though. She is “in transit” somewhere between Georgia and here. I hope they are keeping her dry and safe. I expect her to arrive sometime within the next 10 days. Why does it take 2-3 weeks for something to be shipped somewhere within the U.S. when in that same amount of time, one could probably go around the world several times? But it does.

Not sure where the old one will go. I’ve been sitting in it but without putting it “up” like a recliner, and although it’s not as comfortable as it could be, it is OK for now. As long as I know the new one is coming.

And no, I did NOT try the new chair out before I bought it. I know you all recommended I do that, and I agree with you that it would have been ideal, but we don’t live in an ideal world and this is how it has to be for now. For me.

I’m hoping it arrives soon but on a drier day than today. It is pouring down rain right now and having a big box left in my driveway on a rainy day is not a good idea. I hope the delivery man will help me in with this thing. Or better yet, bring it in himself! But I am prepared for the worst. When I bought a piece of furniture, the credenza that the TV sits on, they left it in the driveway and I had to wait til Paul got home to heft it into the house, and it was BIG and HEAVY! We shall see.

Some other stuff has been happening here that I want to tell you about, but not right now. One subject at a time. My typing skills are dwindling since I’ve been retired. I hardly ever type any more whereas before I used to type 5-6 hours a day!

“Use it or lose it” – yep, that is so true!



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9 Responses to And the saga of the CHAIR continues

  1. Crochetlady says:

    Chair looks fantastic!! Yes, Presidents do help delivery men and yes they should bring it into the house-that is part of the job as long as you are home. And a warm or cold drink help too.


  2. Neva Williams says:

    Oh, I agree … what a handsome chair. I bet it’s as comfortable as it looks. Good for you, Bex, I’m glad that you are getting it. 🙂


  3. mz. em says:

    What a great looking chair. I’m sure the delivery people will help you. Enjoy.


  4. Sue says:

    You might give the workers a couple of engravings of Lincoln each. Or an Andrew Jackson to split.

    (I don’t have any tens in my wallet at the moment, so I can’t identify tens by President, although it might be Alexander Hamilton.)


  5. Bex says:

    I don’t “talk” to as many people on the internet as you do, TT. I do very little actually. And my hands have worsening arthritis in them so they are not so malleable as they once were. I’ll probably keep the “old chair” – if Paul doesn’t want it, it may go down in my new and improved basement area!


  6. TopsyTurvy says:

    That’s a gorgeous looking chair, though if the old one moves on I’ll miss seeing pictures of your ‘sister’ to my own patterned La-Z-boy recliner. (Remember we have similar chairs?)

    I’m surprised that you feel your typing skills are dwindling. I find that with talking to everyone on the internet mine have definitely increased – and I was pretty fast before.


  7. Bex says:

    Good idea, get a tarp. I’ll see if Paul has one in the basement somewhere, gosh I hope we didn’t toss it out in the clean-out campaign!


  8. rhubarb says:

    You have, I hope, a nice big tarp ready to toss over the box if they have to leave it in the driveway. It would be a shame for it to get wet.

    New chair looks gorgeous and I’m sure will be a terrific addition to your life. Enjoy!


  9. Wow! That looks like a Very Comfortable Chair!!! Yes, I agree that the delivery person(s) should bring it inside for you. [Looks like it might take “two men and a boy,” as my grandpa used to say.]


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